No plans for Tekken 7 on Switch right now, but that could change if fans show interest

A portion of a GameSpot interview with Tekken producer and director Katsuhiro Harada...

GameSpot: Would that include a Nintendo Switch version?

KH: Well, you know, it's always a challenge. For example with Tekken 7, because we use Unreal Engine 4 that allows us to first bring the game to PC, something we've never done before. Unreal Engine was great because right away, we could get the graphics to a certain level quality the game was running fairly quickly. But it's not something right out of the box we can program and it's done. There are a lot of things that people don't realize, we have to reprogram on our side to make it work well with Unreal Engine. That was just for the current hardware, so you can imagine that for Switch. Especially at launch, that's something that wasn't a viable option. Some of the core components have to be handled by the engine, so I guess, as time goes on, maybe we'll see more of the adaptation of the engine to the Switch. Maybe we'll see methods to make a lighter version of the game that's easily portable to that platform. At the moment, that's not necessarily the case.

Actually, we haven't really done much research into how much it would take to do that, yet, as we're still working on trying to address certain areas of the game or to add features for the current platforms that people are interested in. So, we're not even really aware yet of how many people would actually want a Switch version of the game. We understand the appeal there, being able to take it anywhere with you, that's quite an awesome feature. But at the moment we're not in a position to do that. But like we said, we're not quite aware of how many people out there are looking for Tekken 7 on Switch. Maybe it starts by people saying, "Hey, this something that I really want." And we would go from there, but who knows? At the moment, nothing planned.

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Nintendo fans are sick of having to show interest for late ports. No other console makes players beg.

Nintendo fans are sick of having to show interest for late ports. No other console makes players beg.

Not really. The only reason that's the case is because most games are made for PS4/XBO in mind and since the Switch is Nintendo's first major success in decades, there's no way anybody who was working on a game for as many years as Tekken 7 took was going to get these AAA ports out on the same day as the other systems, especially if it wasn't planned. Until all the T7 DLC comes out and a GOTY version would be worth it, there's no reason for the game to exist as-is on the switch and be a belated, late port since it would do terribly.

Maybe if Nintendo fans bought more third party games for Wii U instead of complaining that it wasn't the next Mario or Zelda, (As I saw often on Miiverse communities for third party Virtual Console games/obscure third party retail games not made by the usual big guys) and if more people in general bought TT2 for Wii U (Which WAS a great enhanced port of the game) they wouldn't be having to spend extra dev time working on late ports since it would have been in development as soon as the team heard the system existed. Even the late port of DBXV2 was announced back when the system launched, and that took eight months to get released before they could tell whether it was worth it or not.

Wed Nov 29 17 03:50pm
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Bandai Namco. Stop.

All this "Show us your interest" is doing, is having us give free publicity to a game that we would admittedly like, but may not get even at that point.

So no. We won't beg. We won't ask. You decide. Look at where the system is, and where it is going. Ignore EA and Capcom and Activision, and look at everyone else. What are they doing? Exactly.

This is the time where the BS stops. Start working on games for the system because it has been and most likely will continue to be a success. No more wait and see, no more asking.

Wed Nov 29 17 03:58pm
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No! Bloody No! No one here is going to beg you to bring your game to the console so we can give you money. This is downright discriminatory.

Lol, Bandai Namco at it again with the port-begging! :D

Wed Nov 29 17 04:45pm
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That is a strange way to pronounce, "Sell our game elsewhere for us."

We're at an incredible sales pace that even your late port couldn't keep up on retail demand. Yet, THIS is how you can gauge if there's interest in the console...

At least it is a better idea than to buy a EA sport game to get EA-none-sport game

The least these guys can do is give a loose threshold for how much begging is needed. To go, "If there's enough interest," means nothing if there's not at least a visible goal to how much "interest" is needed to guarantee a port.

Wed Nov 29 17 06:09pm
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you never seen any dev say but sony fans or even microsoft fans have to show interest for them to port a game to their console? This is why nintendo owners dont support certain third parties, especially when they dont put an effort to it.

Wed Nov 29 17 07:03pm
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Pretty much, we Nintendo fans are seen as 3rd world gamers... FU Harada!!! Tekken 7 as been on the shelves for 6 months & sold a whopping 200K on XB1, does that qualify as interest from XB1 gamers???
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 a year old port has already sold more than 400K since its release 2 months ago... Do the math Harada

Wed Nov 29 17 06:11pm
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The people would will make great games for the Switch and bring them to it will make money on the system, and the people like you Harada san who WAIT for people to beg, will end up not doing anything for the system and not make any money on it, because as of right now, the Switch sells, and games released for it, surprisingly, sell too. So go ahead Harada san. Just sit there and wait for stuff to happen on its own and watch everyone except you making money on the Switch. The system friggin sold 140k+ units in a week in Japan last week. When was the last time the other systems you make games for without question sold that many units? If you're this dumb, then I'm not sure we want any of your games on the system anyway... or else grow a brain and bring us your best content and you'll see. It'll sell!

Wed Nov 29 17 06:13pm
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Why would they even need to port it to the Switch? The game launched in june and was in development longer than the Switch announcement date, and until all the DLC comes out and they have a reason to make a complete/GOTY edition, a late port for the Switch would be utterly pointless. so this makes sense for now.

The main concern should be if Tekken 8/Tekken 7 GOTY should launch when the other versions do, since that's what should happen. Or maybe the mythical Tekken X Street Fighter. :P With how well Pokken is doing I think it's inevitable that future Tekken games are at least considered for the system depending on if they can run properly.

I guess I'm not interested then. They lose.

There's competition building on the Switch. Don't be like Capcom.

I can't wait until the holidays are over to see how well Doom, Skyrim, Rocket League, LA Noire, Resident Evil Revelations, Batman the TellTale series, and Sonic Forces sold on Switch. I know I bought all of these games and honestly if it wasn't for the portable nature of the console I probably wouldn't have gotten a few of these like Skyrim, Sonic Forces (would've probably gotten it on PS4), and Revelations (only because I've bought Revelations twice before making this time my 3rd time and owned Revelations 2 on PS3).

Really will be interested to see if their really is a market for 3rd parties on Switch just so we can have something to back up and throw in these company faces for making accusations like this! Part of me feels I'm not alone on the 3rd party ports on Switch people will buy them because the novelty to play these games anywhere to a LOT of people is more important than higher graphical fidelity but I could be wrong.

Wed Nov 29 17 10:18pm
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Lol...no one is going to port beg anymore. If you cannot see the value in bringing Tekken 7 to the Switch then that is your loss. It's not like Switch owners are starving for games. Have fun with your 200k copies sold on the Xbox one.

This is all the port begging he's being from me

What is that font, though? Goodness, that's straining to read

Forget Tekken, I want Dead or Alive on Switch!

Namco continuing to be off and on weird with the Nintendo fanbase, considering Nintendo gave them the privilege of working on Smash Bros.

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