Nintendo looking to hire new staffer for "3D Action Adventure" game

Nintendo is cooking up a brand-new game, and it looks like they need some help doing so. The company has posted a job listing for their Kyoto office. The listing doesn't say what the game is, but we do see it's classified as a "3D action adventure." The staffer would be working on game events, as well as dungeon and field planning.

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Donkey Kong 64 sequel confirmed guys! We're finally getting it! (Probably Metroid Prime 4 though..)

I'm praying for any sort of Donkey Kong love!

NO. It is CLEARLY the FZero game we've all been waiting for.

Nay nay! It is clearly the RPG Wave Race we all wanted.

My bet that it will be the supposed new game that Anouma-san once said that he wants to make. I think it was a concept about thievery.

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