Capcom almost made amiibo for Resident Evil Revelations

The following info comes from a Famitsu interview with Capcom's Ryota Niitsuma, as translated by NintendoEverything...

- Capcom planned to make amiibo for Resident Evil Revelations
- work progressed until the phase where they made the 3D models and could pose them
- characters considered were HUNK and Lady HUNK
- “various circumstances” caused Capcom to pull the plug
- Resident Evil Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi did indicate that he still has some interest in making the amiibo
- in the retail versions of Revelations 1 & 2, any amiibo can be scanned
- if you use amiibo that are Capcom characters, you can get something slightly better


Too busy not bringing Monster Hunter XX, they couldn't possibly do something else that's easy money.

I don't know how costly it'll be but I'm not able to not think about the bottlecaps in RE4.


I remember I was thinking that was so random. I mean, I have no problem with a Mario bottle cap, or a Pokemon, or even Megaman if you want to go back to Cacpcom, but RE characters/zombies? That really felt out of place. Removing the bottle cap and calling them figurine would have been way less weird. But eh, that wasn't the only crazy thing in the game. :O

I need to scan MegaMan.

Sat Dec 02 17 07:40pm
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While I would love some RE amiibo but Hunk and Lady Hunk aren't appealing to me. Give me Leon, Chris, Jill, Claire, Barry, Ada, Wesker, Moira, Mr. Baker, Sheva, literally anyone else...

Is Stephen seagal in the game?!?! If not he should sue!

If they had shelled out for amiibos but not for a physical cart version of RER2 I would been even more pissed.

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