Retro Studios looking to hire environment artist

Retro has been so quiet for so long. They're definitely working on something for Switch, but we don't know what! How long is Nintendo going to make us wait to find out?!

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They are working on a game... right?
I’ve been really wanting to see whatever they are working on.

I could be making something out of nothing but I do find it interesting that they are using a picture of Link for this job listing. Nintendo has outsourced some aspects of their mostly self-developed games to their second parties so it would be interesting to see that Retro Studios has their hand in the next Zelda.

Retro Studios isn't second party though. It's 100% Nintendo owned

My mistake. I should have called them a subsidiary.

These job ads often get repeated a lot, and the pictures are on rotation, so they rarely have the same each times. Sorry, it's just pure random.

I figured that it was just a coincidence but I am always mindful of the fact that Nintendo just loves to play with our heads.

I mean... Jeez.... It's been a long time.

It's almost 4 months short of 4 years since they released Tropical Freeze. It's not uncommon to take so long to make a game. But it is frustrating and worrying that they haven't shown anything yet!

Nintendo hasn't really been showing their games off too far in advance of release in recent years, so no need to be worried. Whatever they are working on will probably be released the same year it's revealed... hopefully 2018.

After four years, I bet it's going to be awesome.

maybe they are helping other teams make games and not making their own

They did help making assets for Mario Kart 7, so it's possible. It was announced after the release of Tropical Freeze that a new game was in development by them, but nothing's been heard about it since.

Man the amount of time to see Retro's new game is gonna eclipse the amount of time we had to wait for the NX reveal...

By logic, im hoping to be metroid prime 4. But since the original team is gone and retro has gone bananas with dkc, then its pretty much another dk game

Sat Dec 02 17 08:26pm
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Metroid Prime 4 is already known to be a young Japanese team. But your point is significant--whatever Retro is now it isn't the same studio that made Prime.

Which really confuses me. Why would Nintendo all of a sudden not let Retro Studios develop another Prime game instead of someone else?

Whatever the case, Retro Studios has a small staff so its only natural that they won't be making games in the same volume that Nintendo does.

Maybe they wanted more direct control over the final product?

On that note, I wonder if if there's any chance prime 4 is a joint project? Have this new studio do most of the heavy lifting and engine work, but bring retro in to make sure it has enough of that retro touch to make sure it fits well into the series.

You've probably answered your own question. There's a good chance Retro was already working on something when Prime 4 was greenlit.

According to the Wiki page they have a 70+ staff. It was also said some years ago that they could handle two projects at one time. SO the help with MArio KArt 7 probably didn't dent their main project much. So not seeing anything from them in four-ish yeas is pretty odd, but now with the Switch being the big thing and they have had time to play around with it (the sue had dev kits early on) we should and could see what they have been up to this January Direct. But then again, I say this before every non-specific Direct and E3, so I'll just have to keep them hopes down. But I do think at least a teaser reveal should be around the corner.

So they're finally getting art done (and thankfully they're not Prime Studios), makes me excited for this E3. It may be a chance to see what they've been up to.

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