Super Meat Boy Forever ported to Switch in two days, Team Meat believes Nintendo is pushing for indies harder than Sony

Super Meat Boy Forever is on its way to Switch, as is the original Super Meat Boy. Looks like Team Meat is all-in on Switch, which is why Game Informer sat down with Team Meat's Tommy Refenes to discuss their output for the platform. According to the interview, Refenes is not only impressed with Switch, but Nintendo's push for indies as well.

“I ported [Super Meat Boy Forever] in like two days – from nothing to working in two days. Microsoft used to always be the people with the crazy good tools because they make Windows, so of course they’re going to have good stuff, but Switch’s tools… I’m legitimately surprised by how well-thought-out everything was.

It used to be Sony was the one that was pushing the indie devs so much. I think Nintendo is pushing harder than Sony is now. […] I think right now they’re just offering more exposure.”

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Sony said, regarding E3, they don't focus on indies now because they aren't need to flesh out their library, where in the first years of PS4 they were. They said if we have a choice between PS4 and indies, or PS4 and VR, we want to push VR, as indies aren't necessary or important to us.

They straight up SAID IT.

So yeah, go Nintendo. New home of the indie scene it seems, because Steam....Steam...

It's baffling how strong and vast the PC market is that even a smidge of them to buy an indie game can rival most sales on other systems. Yet they're impossible to hit such a goal.

Yet here comes Nintendo and the Switch. And the sales are just... what you SHOULD expect from PC, but this is simply not a case at all.

Sun Dec 03 17 02:37pm
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6000 games have been released on Steam in 2017 up to September. SIX THOUSAND!

For comparison 2016 was 4000. 4000 in 12 months, now 6000 in 9. And this is WITH Steam Direct allegedly fixing the asset flip/shovelware/no curation issue, but it's actively worse, because Valve doesn't have actual staff with assigned jobs.

Valve made Steam to evolve the PC market. It worked. Now it's stopped moving entirely with a completely hands off approach as the world moves on ahead of it each day. Valve only reacts to bad things now, rather than preventing them.

Indies have said, Steam is done. You can't do it. It's impossible. How does Steam get 3x as many games as the PS3 did in its lifetime, in a single year?

But I guess that's what happens when the CEO of Valve said he hates having to update their mobile app because it has to be checked by Google and Apple first...

I am aware, but the market that PC has is enormous in comparison that reflects that. Analysts predict that even the smallest sales are still reachable with such a marketplace on PC. It makes sense in that perspective, yet many many Indies have shown that is simply not the case (which hurts, cause I find Battlerite and it's predecessor, Bloodline Champions fun as hell but suffers this as well).

Not saying that the success found elsewhere is good or bad, just that the PC market has a logical upper hand and to be so polarized with the results has been something of a show to me.

Not without Gamemaker support. It's good that the porting for the indies who use UE4 or similar engines is easy, but the lack of Gamemaker support leaves a lot of good games from coming to the platform. Sad At least this one wasn't a victim of that, though!

But that's not really Nintendo's fault is it? It seems the Gamemaker devs are working on Switch support, but its taking longer than expected. It does suck that games like Undertale(which Nintendo contacted Toby like more than a year ago) and A Hat in Time aren't coming out because its not available on Switch yet.

Sun Dec 03 17 09:10pm
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Hat in Time's problem is that it was made in Unreal 3, which is essentially a "dead" engine at this point. Just that it natively supported Xbox One, PS4, and... Wii U.

Gears for Breakfast IS now a licensed Switch developer, and they do have a Switch devkit, so it isn't like they're not looking into a Switch port, but it will likely take some time. Basically, their two options are:

1. Port the game over to Unreal 4, which natively supports Switch/PS4/XBO. However, moving from Unreal 3 to Unreal 4 isn't exactly an easy task, from what I've researched. There's a lot that has changed.

2. Port the Unreal 3 version to Switch... which would also be very difficult.

Panic Button helped Psyonix port Rocket League to Switch, which also ran on Unreal 3. Perhaps Gears for Breakfast should seek their help?

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