Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sees strongest series debut in UK, sales 1/3 higher compared to X

This comes from GameIndustry...

''There was only one new game of note in the charts, and that debuts all the way down at No.19 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Nintendo Switch exclusive received very strong reviews, but it's certainly a far more hardcore title than The Legend of Zelda. Nevertheless, despite its low chart appearance, the sales were decent - game sales in December are obviously higher across the board generally - and it has charted nine places higher than its predecessor (Xenoblade Chronicles X).''

Christopher Dring, the writer of article, adds the following on Twitter...

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Mon Dec 04 17 09:07am
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Well, UK was not affected by the decision from NoA to not release it at first in America.

Mon Dec 04 17 06:17am
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Would be nice to actually see numbers, not that I'm interested in the dick waving of sales, just more interested in seeing that the Xeno series has a future of somekind.

I am usually interested in the numbers too, normally to gauge a series potential growth as an IP in places.

Seems to be 1/3 above Xeno X sales which were 10 500 , so around 14K without digital, I'd say 15K all in all for 2 days worth of sales!

I'm gonna need a source on that.

In my country is sold out everywhere. Probably they under stocked

Also worth noting its at number 19 after just one days sales. It came out on the 1st and charts came in on the 2nd. Sold out at my local grainger games store.

Of couse it sold better then 1 and X.

1 was sabotaged by NoA not wanting to release it at first, which robbed the game of the big E3 presentation it deserved, and X was in the Wii U.

Anyway, seeing how the sales of the first 2 games were considered good enough to continue the franchise, it should be pretty clear that sales that are "the strongest in the series" are also good enough to keep the franchise going.

Of course, UK numbers are not all that important anyway. Gemany is a bigger market in general, and France is a market where JRPGs are particularly important.

Mon Dec 04 17 09:07am
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Well, UK was not affected by the decision from NoA to not release it at first in America.

Not directly, but indirectly. I had to re-read ermenpalmer's post again to get what they meant. Due to NoA not originally wanting to publish the game, they never showed it off at E3, which would've been good exposure for the game globally (I'm sure that gamers all over the world pay attention to news from E3).

Whether that's true or not, I don't know. I can't recall whether or not Xenoblade 1 did show at an E3... But my guess is that it didn't.

It kinda did. A very minuscule presence back in E3 '09 when it was known as Monado: Beginning of the World and you had to dig deep to find the few screenshots and the 10 second trailer of the game from what I remember.

NOE still did marketing for the game in the region, and IIRC was in a few regional trade shows. I think they did as well as they could have considering it was a new under-the-radar series.

Mon Dec 04 17 08:12am
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It sold out in Argos in Ireland, there wasn't much stock. But I think the price was an error, it was €38. Smyths are selling it for €50, while rip-off merchants Gamestop are charging €75.

now look at that reggie...the THIRD GAME SELLS!!!

and the first one has a sky high 2nd hand price. You could NOT have been more wrong on this one. (actually you have been wrong on a number of things, underrating xenodlabe is probably on your top 3)

Mon Dec 04 17 09:34am
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Also worth noting that it was on sale only 2 days for that week & seems to be out of stock everywhere... with the digital sales it should be around 15K for 2 days, on a 9 months old console with still modest install base, I'd say it did quite well!
Ni no Kuni started at 18K on a much larger PS3 install base & with heavy marketing, Tales of Zestiria sold around 6,5K 1st week.
Persona 5 (on PS4 huge install base) was making the headlines all over the UK press for a "smashing launch" taking nº1 spot with... 16K sales... so you gotta have a little perspective ;)

Nice. Sounds like a promising start.

So this is what a Xenoblade game sells like when it is released on a popular console early in its lifespan.


Clearly we should expect a mobile gacha blade game. All the pieces are there already.

Even easier, Rare Blade lootboxes for DLC.




Like this?


Strangely there aren't that many Mecha or Megazord Maids. Also wasn't expecting that a trademarked Mecha Maid would be from an Image comic series.

The other Mecha maid is from a western webcomic. That's a little more expected.

But no, Japan's most popular maid at the moment is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. They're always too step ahead form us in terms of ramping up the weirdness.

Japan is big on erasing the lines between concepts that us normal people with our tiny brains can only consider individually.

like giant robots and christianity

or pens and apples

To be fair. We know greek mythology can be weird and uncomfortable. Yet japanese mythology has the Shirime, which stands fro Buttocks eye.

Christianity isn't that big in Japan but in some cases they don't hold back in the imagery. Since their depiction of angels does include the notions of the text as them having both sexes.

Also it all over the place their gender politics since as much as you could find a good or entertaining female character, you can also find some of the lowest depictions of misogyny (and a bit of misandry).

I've read once that the japanese view of sins it's an act against social contract and aesthetic harmony, while on the West sin is a violation of a Universal God-given or natural moral law. Kinda said that the japanese sense of guilt is different from Western culture. Which may be why acts of perversion can be hilarious to them. I wonder if they find weird some comedic trends of the West.

"To be fair. We know greek mythology can be weird and uncomfortable."

Sure, but mythology is a different kind of weird and uncomfortable. Less 'giant robots and chibis' and more 'rapist swans'.

"Yet japanese mythology has the Shirime, which stands fro Buttocks eye."

yes, I saw the gaijin goomba "kappa will fist you for your soul" video.

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