Mega Man 11 coming to Switch in 2018

It's finally happening. Not only is a brand-new Mega Man game in the works, it's also coming to Switch! We have to wait until late 2018 to enjoy the game, but at least we know it's happening!


Holy moly this game looks great. Pretty much what MN9 should have been from the getgo IMO.

Funny enough, it is what Mighty No 9 was from the get go... then they made those ugly 3D graphics lol

Regular Megaman for some reason looks more kiddy when it has more detailed graphics. I don't know more solid colors make it look toy like. I'm not sure how I feel about his sprite in this new game.

Absolutely beautiful. It looks better than Mighty Number 9 already.

Hoping for the best here! I wonder who is developing it.

Mon Dec 04 17 02:51pm
Rating: 2

will it be better than nothing, tho?

In regards to first impressions at the very least there was more vibrant colors than MN09.

Still looks a bit stiff, that Megaman sprite.

Well, it's a late 2018 game, so there is a lot of time for them to improve things at least. We will see.

My only problem with this, is that Mega Man's animations are way too smooth. It's.... uncanny.

Apart from that: Hell fakkin' yeah!!!!!!

So are we supposed to still hate Capcom now?

Of course not...on the other hand, that last Bomberman update was more than a week ago, time to rev up that Konami hate.

Of course. Ever heard about Monster Hunter? Eh? EH? EEHH?

I'm glad this one's not 8-bit. It's fun to revisit that era, but I'm ready for something beautiful and flashy and new.

This trailer and the fact that both legacy collections are coming to Switch has finally convinced me to try out a Mega Man game. Capcom you're slowly winning me over again (still want you to localize Monster Hunter XX though..)

Am I the ONLY ONE who noticed that MEGA MAN HAS A SUPER MODE NOW?!
Look at the end of the trailer, just when the logo pops up.
Mega's glowing and there's a meter over his head.
That's NOT from a boss-acquired sub-weapon, I can tell that much!

Im so happy, i love megaman and i love they went to HD graphics instead 8bit...i mean it worked ONCE on Megaman 9 but not with 10, im glad we are getting all this mega-love

I don't get where people are immediately claiming that its good looking. From what I can tell, its using the same thing that Shantae and Ducktales have done using 2d sprites and 3d graphics and in this case, it somehow looks ugly.

Judging from the trailer alone, it looks like a game that can potentially end up rather disappointing.

I agree. There's huge warning signs all over the place. Not sure why anyone is excited. This game took all its cues from Mighty No. 9. Be afraid.

Ugly art style, reminds me too much of Mighty No. 9. Huge barren levels are also a big warning sign. Looks awful.

I am so excited for this, it looks awesome and I love that Battle Network's character designer is working on it.

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