All 8 Mega Man X titles coming to Switch

Capcom has confirmed that all 8 Mega Man X games are coming to Switch. We didn't get to hear if it's going to be a compilation or single-game releases, but they are indeed on the way!

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This was the news I was hoping for today. X4 on Switch!

Good news! The X series was my favorite. I'm hoping it's a compilation instead of selling them all piecemeal, but if they ARE sold separately, at least I can skip the ones I own.

I love the X series, if it's one collection I'm going to buy that for sure. If it's stand alone titles, maybe I buy X4.

Now you too can BURNTOTHEGROUND!

Is it me or was there never a news post about the livestream itself? I saw a news post about Nintendo retweeting the announcement or something like that, but I missed a proper news post about it like with Nintendo Directs.

And RMC is making news post about announcements in that livestream as if we've all seen it, which is weird, since he never linked to it here as far as I can see. Particularly this article just assumes we already all knew Mega Man 11 was announced

So VC for Switch confirmed? Or is Capcom going to make a collection out of these 8 games?

Awesome, can't wait to play them all for the first time!

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