Nintendo retweets reminder about The Game Awards

Looks like Nintendo fans will have a reason to watch The Game Awards 2017. Nintendo's official Twitter account is reminding fans to check out the Game Awards later this week. Now they didn't say anything official about a reveal or new details on existing games, but with this tweet, it seems like something is up.

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Cranky Kong DLC costume for BOTW.

With the stellar year Nintendo had, there's no way they aren't coming away from this with some big awards.

Mon Dec 04 17 04:29pm
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I mean, they have games nominated and they probably won't a few of the awards, so of course they would have you tune in.

That said, they always have *something* there. I expect it to be the Zelda DLC. There's no reason it wouldn't be.

I’m with you, MoldyClay. My prediction is it’ll be the Zelda DLC as well, but we’ll see!

Cranky Kong DLC costume for BOTW.

That would be kinda funny. I would welcome it.

No it's actually Cranky Kong DLC costume for Odyssey.

Just as good if not better.

Mon Dec 04 17 06:12pm
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Nah it's Mario Odyssey DLC for Cranky Kong costume.

No it's a full Switch game that only features a 3D render of a Cranky Kong costume that you can't even rotate.

Idk... Link gets all those bananas from Yiga soldiers. He could really use some Cranky Kong gear that provides buffs when you eat bananas

I'll just go ahead and watch whatever they show off on YouTube directly after.

Yeah, me too. Don't like such cringe-festy game award shows.

Why waste time on a lame awards show, when I can just check the internet for any "reveals" or news after?

I hope there is something. The guest lineup isn't something I'm interested in at this point.

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