Mother who ordered her son a £300 Nintendo Switch receives a £4 box of Daz instead

This past Cyber Monday, a mother-of-two by the name of Charlotte Moore ordered a Nintendo Switch package for £301.99 via Amazon. She had intended to buy the Switch as a holiday present for her children, and she was hoping to surprise them with it. In fact, she was originally going to keep everything in the box and reveal it to them on Christmas day,  However, upon receiving the package. When Charlotte opened the package, she was shocked to realize that she had received a package of Daz washing powder instead. 

Further inspection reveals that the box appeared to have been opened already, and it was then taped back together. Amazon is currently investigating the situation, and a spokesperson apologized and claimed that a Nintendo Switch will be sent to Charlotte as soon as one becomes available.
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At least the household will have dazzling clean clothes

Wow. Although it wasn't for a Nintendo Switch, I ordered a 3DS game from Amazon before and it was stolen. Someone opened the game box, swiped the cart out, then packaged it back up and sent me an empty game box to my house. Luckily Amazon replaced the game for me, but ever since then I've been very cautious when ordering online. Hope she gets her Switch soon.

Tue Dec 05 17 09:51am
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I will always remember the day I bought a book from amazon, and when it arrived, the box wasn’t amazon anymore, and the product was fine...but someone slipped The Outdoorsman’s Bible into the box XD

What a really scumbaggy thing to do. I bought a Switch, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle during the Cyber Monday sale on Amazon UK last Monday. They only shipped it this morning after I wrote an e-mail complaint. It was supposed to have been here already.

Well Daz pretty shitty of them.

While I've never had a package stolen thankfully, I once had a package get lost in the mail.
Amazon support was very helpful in my case and they quickly shipped me a replacement.

I've had a DS game bought off ebay being stolen underway too. Package had been cut open, game stolen, taped back, and delivered to me... empty!

The header on the Daz box just rubs salt in the wound, doesn’t it?

Sucks that this happened to them, but Amazon will do the right thing.

I have a Switch coming in the mail for Christmas. I will definitely open the box when I get it in the mail and even open the Switch box to make sure everything is fine.

Tue Dec 05 17 12:39pm
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It was not a Switch, but it was a switch.

Tue Dec 05 17 01:12pm
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Some may say the poor lady has been 'rinsed' of her hard earned money! Amazon are pretty good in these situations mind.

I still have a grudge with Anazon for cancelling all those BotW Master Edition preorders 9 days before release

That's quite the bait and Switch.

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