RUMOR - Titan Quest may be coming to the Nintendo Switch

According to GameFly, users may potentially be able to purchase an upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Titan Quest. Not much else is currently known at the moment, but if this rumor turns out to be true, then it should not be too long before we hear some sort of confirmation.

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I have Immortal Throne as well on Steam but would buy this in a heartbeat. Hopefully their successor Grim Dawn would be around too.

The only thing with Grim Dawn is I believe Titan Quest is owned by different people now or something? I don't recall the details, but I don't think this being on Switch would necessarily lead to Grim Dawn.

The former developers of Titan Quest moved on when Iron Lore shuttered and formed the Grim Dawn team. Apparently someone picked up the rights to the original project. I know they aren't managed by the same company, but was more implying it would be nice to see the newer game eventually too, despite it being done by a different company now.

Tue Dec 05 17 03:25pm
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Exactly. I think that Crate Entertainment would probably wait and see how well TQ is received on Switch before going forward. They're super busy with expansions and things for Grim Dawn right now, but it would be cool if they consider a console port. I thought I heard rumors of console ports like PS4 or Xbox One, but I can't recall or cite sources.

I'm feeling SO hype about this, though and I don't even HAVE a Switch. I've been bugging THQNordic on Twitter for a few months about Titan Quest on Switch...and if this is true, I'm buying it day one even w/o the system!

BTW, everyone should check in with #TitanQuestSwitch on Twitter...lets show them people want it!

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