Mega Man 11 - gameplay details (robot masters, difficulty settings, new gameplay mechanic, and more)

- does include 8 robot masters, which you can pick from right at the start
- Mega Man can still charge up his shots and slide
- Capcom won't say who is composing
- four different difficulty settings
- normal offers a traditional Mega Man experience
- fans who really want a challenge can tackle superhero mode
- both casual and newcomer modes make the game a bit easier, adding in more platforms for jumping
- camera is now slightly higher than previous games, and zoomed out a bit
- Mega Man’s helmet will change shape when he equips different weapons
- Capcom may give the slide move its own dedicated button
- all of Mega Man 11’s weapons are attached to a direction on the right analog stick
- includes an entirely new gameplay mechanic that will impact Mega Man’s moment-to-moment action
- the gear icons featured under Mega Man’s health hint at this new mechanic

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I swore that the Gear mechanic is also part of the Japanese title as well, so it must be very important.

"Capcom won't say who is composing."

Weird, because they showed the composer during the livestream.

I am glad there are difficulty settings as some old school platformers I suck at.

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