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Why is this getting downvoated so much?

I believe it is purely because of the, should I say, 'casual approach' these Commercials are going for, and many seems to not really care for the Wii era of 'casual promotion' for The Switch.

At least that seems to be the case.

Wed Dec 06 17 02:50pm
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I have yet test this game at a party, but I am rather sure it can be a big hit after enough beers. Ill test it out ASAP ;)

I find this commercial both fitting for the game and x-mas. That the Switch has a more "hardcore" does not mean it can't have a slice of casual stuff. Worked for the PS2.

Weirdest commercial I've seen for the Switch this far....

This to me doesn't make any sense at all!
So, you're a video games company with SO MANY hot titles for this holiday season. You've got a lot of money to spend on advertisement, you've got Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey, Doom, Xenoblade, FIFA, Splatoon, L.A. Noire, Skyrim, Rocket League... and what do you do?
- You spend the money on an ad for a mediocre game, with poor reviews, that came out 9 months ago.

Wed Dec 06 17 04:49pm
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I don't get what sort of advertising people were expecting for a party game.
Also keep in mind that this is Nintendo UK, and should not be taken as a sign that Switch commercials will go back to screaming kids and grandmas again.

I do agree it's pretty much pointless to advertise a game everyone already forgot about and that very few people cared for to begin with.

Thu Dec 07 17 01:44am
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Lot of 1, 2, Switch bad mouthing here...

And yet we see the game popping up from time to time in sales chart (mainly in Japan, but eh, it's the only place we have comprehensive numbers) and it's selling slowly but surely.

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