Capcom talks Mega Man 11 goals, challenges, accessibility, and more

Game Informer sat down with Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and game director Koji Oda to pick their brains on the project. You can see details from their interview below.

- the goal is to take the past and combine elements that really worked from each title in the franchise
- the aim is to bring Mega Man back and make him better than ever
- they also want the game to be accessible to a younger generation
- the team wants to make sure they don't just recycle past elements for Mega Man 11
- the team knows the core gameplay works, so they didn't want to push too much in a new direction
- the goal is to make sure visuals and controls work in harmony to have the tightest controls possible
- the team wants to bring back the intuitive nature of the relationship between robot masters and their weapons
- the devs feel figuring out what robot masters were weak to has gotten to difficult in recent games
- the devs are finding Mega Man 11 a tough game to make
- designing unique robot masters and stages is a challenge
- the team has members who worked on Mega Man games, industry vets who haven't worked on Mega Man, and new devs
- the dev team has strong ideas of what Mega Man should be, so sometimes they clash, but this helps create a ton of great ideas

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This is all very encouraging. After the bitter disappointment that was Mighty No. 9, this game can do nothing but improve on that. I like the mix of developers, too. The "clashes," as they call them, are sure to have sharpened the game up.

"the devs feel figuring out what robot masters were weak to has gotten to difficult in recent games"

This part worries me a little. Half the fun of fighting robot masters is figuring out what they're weak against. I wouldn't want to be as easy as, say, Mega Man 1 (fire beats ice, etc.).

I haven't played a single Megaman game, so I am far from an expert on this and can only go on what I read, but... If the weaknesses aren't like "Fire > Ice", wouldn't they be rather arbitrary? In the sense that you'd just have to take a stab in the dark and hope for the best -- go through it in a trial and error fashion -- instead of actually trying to figure something out

A lot of the robots have weapons that are cryptic to even guess what their weakness is. Shadow Man for example is weak against the Top spinner but no one is going to know that because the top spinner is practically useless and no one will even bother to use it because you get hurt when even using it.

I think what the OP is trying to say is that if the game is going to force you or spoon feed you into what robot master is weak against, its going to make players NOT try out other things or beat said master in their own way because they would rather just play it in order instead. Which on one hand makes sense because certain powerups cannot be accessed unless you beat specific robot masters. But on the other hand makes the game more linear instead of maintaining the non-linearity that the series is known off.

Yeah, that is true. I also wouldn't want the weaknesses to be spoonfed to you. That wouldn't really be good design and figuring out the weaknesses is part of the fun, I imagine


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