Ryan Reynolds to play the part of Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu movie

Well I'll be damned, the rumors were true. Ryan Reynolds was one of the names floated as a potential actor to voice Detective Pikachu in the movie of the same name, and now we have confirmation on that news. Reynolds will indeed be playing Detective Pikachu. How do you feel about this pick?

Thanks to the tons of you who sent this in!

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Wed Dec 06 17 07:17pm
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He's not Danny DeGoddamnVeto, is how I feel. A wasted opportunity.

Hmmmm. I’m okay with this. He has the range for voice acting, also it show that they are not gonna take this move that seriously. If they aim to be some like the LEGO movie it can end up being enjoyable.

I could see his deadpool style working well.

Not my first pick, but definitely not a bad one at all!

Wed Dec 06 17 10:58pm
Rating: 2

Deadpool as Pikachu... I sense a lot of memes in the future...

So... Who wanna bet the next Deadpool movie have a Pikachu joke?

I think he will do a good job!

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