Switch file size round-up - Yooka-Laylee (preload live in Europe), Floor Kids, and more

Yooka-Laylee – 5.3GB
The Sexy Brutale – 2.2GB
Embers of Mirrim – 2.2GB
Floor Kids – 1.3GB
Party Planet – 1.3GB
ACORN Tactics – 635MB
Never Stop Sneakin’ – 489MB
Dimension Drive – 420MB
Caveman Warriors – 383MB
Slain: Back From Hell – 315MB
Vostok Inc – 264MB
Crawl – 249MB
Unepic – 221MB
Plague Road – 179MB
Bleed – 169MB
Poly Bridge – 154MB
Riptide GP Renegade – 152MB
Yodanji – 92MB
Tennis in the Face – 92MB
Gunbird – 76MB
Plantera Deluxe – 66MB
TouchBattleTankSP – 59MB

It's also worth noting that Yooka-Laylee preloads have gone live in Europe. You can hop on your Switch and pay the full price of the game to grab most of the file right now, and then download a tiny bit on launch night to get right into the game.

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That file size is also a good reason why a physical version of Yooka-Laylee should be made available. With the lack of internal space, people should alwys be given a choice when it comes to these larger than normal file sizes.

They would do it if they could, but they're of course constantly doing something and they haven't had the time to plan for it. I don't think most people understand this. You can say that "yes they have, it's not a difficult thing", but I'm sure they would've done it if they had the time to do it.

Which is why I'll wait. ;)

That file size is relatively small. If you don't download normally you should have plenty of space for that, and if you do download regularly you should already have a sizeable SD card.
It's not like the 10+ GB that games like NBA and Fifa require.

I have a 128GB SD card, but if I can buy a game physically, I will. Even with physical releases, some games take up a ton of space because of all the add-ons, like Bomberman, Splatoon, Arms, Doom etc. Biggest downloaded game I have is Snake Pass, and if that got a physical release, I'd rebuy it!

Of course, of course, but that doesn't mean you are going to go and blame indie companies like Playtonic (or indeed Sumo Digital) when they don't release the game physically. Or say that a physical version "should" be made available. This is simply not a viable option in many cases. And even when the other versions of this game had a physical release I think any of us can see and recognise that right now is a significantly different situation than back when those version launched.

Yeah no, It's just wishful thinking on my part. I find it sad today that not even AAA publishers release physical versions today for certain titles, and it feels like this trend will only continue. I get that we're moving more and more to digital, but I love physical releases, man! :D

Yeah, I like physical versions a lot too, but even then I can hardly resist the convenience of digital myself. Only the high prices are keeping me from getting third party releases digitally.
What I'd personally love is an option to load physical games on your SD card (with fail-safes in place to prevent misuse of the feature of course).

Gunbird is also already available on the european and japanese shops (not sure about America). I strongly recommend it.

About Yooka Laylee, it has the perfect size where it's big enough for people to go physical to save space but small enough for the developers to be able to buy the cheaper, smaller cards from Nintendo, so they better hurry up with that.

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