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In the end, bearing in mind the reduced overhead offered by the Tegra hardware, the Switch port is decent. It loses some visual fidelity and performance over the other current generation console versions but still manages to come close. We had fun with these games but the bottom line is that if you're planning to play these games on a TV, you could do a lot better elsewhere. Revelations 2 is simply better on PS4, Xbox One and PC while Revelations 1 has a nice PC port to smooth out its issues.

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That is a terrible summary. In the end it's better on tv or PC? Totally ignoring the biggest hook of the Switch in that it is portable! Slight downgrade when playing on tv but HUGE advantage of being able to play anywhere.

He says in the video that if you want to play on TV there are better options but if you want a portable experience this is a great version

I know right...If it's just about looks then PC would win almost every time. But with Switch, it's about being able to play it on the bus, train etc and docking it at home and seamlessly continuing your game.

The really dumb thing is that the video is much more nuanced. The summary sounds like it was written by someone else.

And here I was hoping for a deeper analysis of how the first Revelations game evolved through each generation of platform, like original 3DS > Wii U/PS360/PC > PS4/XB1/Switch... Just two minutes slapped at the end...

Thu Dec 07 17 05:49pm
Rating: 2

I love how they treat all the consoles as equal. The switch is much less powerful and smaller, yet it manages to pull off graphics that are extremely close to the twins. Sure, there will be things missing. Thats to be expected. But, even side by side it was very hard to tell what was different.anyways, whatever.

Exactly. I can live with this tradeoff the vast majority of the time to *finally* be able to play full console games on the go.

I bought this game the day it came out and still have not even booted it up. I've hovered over the RE: R2 icon but just haven't had the interest.

With that said I appreciate more and more with every purchase I make the appeal of the switch. It's revitalized gaming for me as an adult who doesn't have the time to sit in front of a tv for hours.

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