The Game Awards 2017 - live-stream/blog

This post will be updated with any Nintendo-relevant news from the show.

- Metroid: Samus Returns wins best handheld game - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus wins best action game
- Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Champion's Ballad DLC available tonight!
- Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle wins best strategy game
- Super Mario Odyssey wins Best Family Game
- Bayonetta 1 & 2 coming to Switch on Feb. 16th, both retail and eShop
- Bayonetta 3 in development now, exclusive to Switch
- Zelda: Breath of the Wild wins best game direction, and best action/adventure

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I guess I'll just check here.
I mean... I WANT to like the game awards... But they often are cringey in between the trailers.

Perhaps best to just wait til it's over and watch the good parts, eh? Like when Zelda: Botw wins game of the year Smile

I ended up watching it in it's entirety. I actually enjoyed it. I'm floored from how different (better) it is from the last time I watched it where Joel McHale gave awkward interviews on couches.

Same here, even though I should have been sleeping a long time ago. It's almost 6 AM here hehe.

Zelda deserved the award, and the Zelda DLC looks decent for sure (and 2.5 gigs? Could be good).

BAyonetta 3, of course, wins here with a very flawless victory.

I was smiling a lot as they accepted the award with all that giggling and excitement. You can tell they love their job.

Something huge is being announced in a couple of minutes in the pre show. I hope it's something Nintendo related.

I'm guessing it'll be one of the first things since the pre-show is over now.

Zelda DLC was the one thing I expected to see tonight. Anything else will be a surprise. Hoping for at least a few more big things.

A little disappointing that Soul Calibur 6 wasn't announced for Switch like it was rumored to be on.

They haven't locked that exclusive character it seems.



Bayonetta 3 confirmed! I'M DYING OF JOY!!!!!!!

I can't wait for the meltdowns of a higher difficulty locked behind the Bayonetta amiibo. ;p

Hey. That would mean non Smash Bayonetta amiibos! :D YAAAAY

Zelda sure deserves the win. Wonderful game.

It's a masterpiece. Simple as that. I should be getting back to it it seems, now with the new DLC and all...

Well deserved, team Zelda!

That reaction from these guys... That was really great to watch. Smile
Really cool they won Best Game. :O

Thu Dec 07 17 11:49pm
Rating: 1

I smiled with them Smile

But the best part is how he commented to make more Zelda games.

Fri Dec 08 17 12:19am
Rating: 1

I like the first comment of the other guy I can't ever remember his name...
"I'm glad I ended up making games!"
That's just perfect. I think that really summarize everything that can be said/felt in that situation. Smile
That's exactly what I would have said.

Kind of surprised they didn't dedicate the GOTY award to Iwata.

Super Excited to see Bayo 3 is happening.
Death Stranding was certainly interesting to watch.
I've been waiting for a new Soul Calibur for so long! But... Where's Switch???

Some liveblog. Zelda gets game of the year and you didn't post it, even though there's a whole page of updates after this?

I am very happy for Nintendo for winning the awards that they did, very much deserved! It's awesome to see that Mario + Rabbids won for best strategy, as that is such a great game.

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