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Best Buy adds listing for a Mario Kart Switch steelcase

by nintendaan
11 December 2017
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Previously, we reported on a mysterious Mario Kart product. The item now has a product page on the Best Buy website, with the same $60 price tag mentioned before. It happens to be a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe steelcase in which the Game Card can put nice and snug. The description reads as follows:

Add this Mario Kart SteelBook case to your collection. Its precise, detailed structure makes it desirable for avid collectors, and the metal finish showcases the game artwork in bright, vibrant color. This Mario Kart SteelBook case is built to last for repeated uses, and offers a stylish alternative to conventional packaging.

SteelBook case
Prestigious and highly sought-after collectible packaging for home entertainment media, such as Blu-rays and games.

Steel material
Provides strength and durability.

Mario Kart art
Great for all Mario games fans and collectors.
Thank you to everyone who sent this our way!