Best Buy adds listing for a Mario Kart Switch steelcase

Previously, we reported on a mysterious Mario Kart product. The item now has a product page on the Best Buy website, with the same $60 price tag mentioned before. It happens to be a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe steelcase in which the Game Card can put nice and snug. The description reads as follows:

Add this Mario Kart SteelBook case to your collection. Its precise, detailed structure makes it desirable for avid collectors, and the metal finish showcases the game artwork in bright, vibrant color. This Mario Kart SteelBook case is built to last for repeated uses, and offers a stylish alternative to conventional packaging.

SteelBook case
Prestigious and highly sought-after collectible packaging for home entertainment media, such as Blu-rays and games.

Steel material
Provides strength and durability.

Mario Kart art
Great for all Mario games fans and collectors.
Thank you to everyone who sent this our way!
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Dang, I was wrong about it...

Mon Dec 11 17 05:23am
Rating: 1

That looks fantastic, but $60 is waaaaayyyy too expensive.

So yea this will either be...

1. Bundled for the holidays with Mario Kart
2. Given to people who buy the Digital version of the game
3. Hint at a new Mario Kart DLC

My money is on 1.

So dumb that this doesn't actually include the game.

60 bucks for just a game case? HAHA WHAT

Best Buy is notorious for these steelbook cases in the realm of Blu-ray movies. Normally, one would have to either pre-order the movie in order to guarantee getting the steelbook as a free bonus or grab it at release date in first come first serve basis.

I wish they would do the same kind of offer with this one. Moreover, if you were to purchase Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you get the steelbook as a free bonus item while supplies last. Then again, I'm not too crazy about these steelbooks because any damages would be permanent. It's a nice little item, but not worth hurting your wallet over. Like I said in the previous rumor post, I suggest them to try something different, like say a slipcover/slipcase instead, and just put them out as a regular shelf item.

Best Buy just confirmed that you get the steelcase with purchase of Mario Kart.


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