Bayonetta 2 - Switch file size

Looks like Nintendo and Platinum Games have done some optimization with Bayonetta 2. The original release on Wii U took up 14GB of space, but according to Amazon Japan, the Switch version requires 12.4GB. Not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. Any extra space we can keep is certainly appreciated!


Mon Dec 11 17 01:15pm
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As long as nothing is removed or compressed in any compromising way...

Agreed. One of my all time favs better stay awesome.

Does Lego City look as good on the NS as on Wii U? It's pretty small compared *(the file of course).

Wed Dec 13 17 10:41am
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While I only own Lego City on Wii U, the comparisons I've seen of the Switch version vs the PS4/Xbone make it look better, it loads faster (still slow), has noticeably sharper textures, a new lighting engine and all round more stable framerate (only in docked), so overall it looks better, but it has some weird anomalies like glitchy self shadows.

So the filesize reduction in this case has had no negative effects.

I see. Wellp. Just do NOT take away those costumes. The Peach dress is just too good on Bayonetta ;)

I would be really disappointed if I couldn't bowser punch angels in this version.

Me too. Very much so.

Why is it that Japan gets both Bayonetta games on cartridge while Europe and the U.S. get the original Bayonetta as a download code? Both games could easily fit on a 32GB cartridge. When are Nintendo going to start using them? Bar Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2, a launch game only in Japan there's been no other game that's used them.

As far as I know, there's no info on whether the 1st game is part of the special edition in the US.

i love this game! my favorite Wii U game.

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