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Ow yeah, I'm happy. I taught the series would be dead for 3DS and Picross S was a bit lackluster with no penalties for mistakes (thus encouraging gambling for the sollutions) and no micross.

I turned off all options that could help me in anyway for Picross S. I guess its sort of an honor system.

I hope they support S with dlc instead of having S2 and S3, that would be kind of lame

hgngngngn why is this even a thing with Picross S being fantastic on the Switch. Unless it's the Picross S tables being backported to 3DS. I didn't care much for the Picross E style of games but loved Pokemon Picross, Twilight Princess Picross and Picross S so I was hoping they'd get on a Picross S2 with Micross included. Seems at this point unless it's not porting S tables to the 3DS it's a pointless thing to be releasing this late in the 3DS's life and I doubt this will get brought over unless it's day and date with the JPN version like Picross S.

Huh, I expected the e-series was over and they were moving those efforts into a new S-series. Reason to use my 3DS some more I suppose.

I just want another 3D Picross!

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