Edmund McMillen explains why the F-bombs were retained for The End is Nigh on Switch

There is one reason The End is Nigh is rated Mature on Switch. It has nothing to do with blood and guts, or sexual content. It all has to do with language. The game is filled with F-bombs. Why not remove/bleep the cursing to reach a wider audience with the game? Edmund McMillen talked about why retaining the cursing is important.

"When I started writing the story of the game it only had a few f-words. Back then I thought [of] possibly bleeping them because it wouldn't lose much, but then late in dev those curses kinda set a tone and I ended up swearing a great deal in the game's dialog, so I saw no point."

Cursing in games isn't anything new. Plenty of games throw cursing around left and right. The thing is, those games usually have their fair share of violence in them as well. The Mature rating is for everything included. The End is Nigh's gameplay would probably earn it an E10+ at most. If you're currently begging your parents to grab the game for you and they won't, perhaps letting them know the details behind the Mature rating could help your cause.

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Gotta have those sentence enhancers. F**k being articulate.

What a stupid choice, if only from a business perspective.

Makes me wonder if the bleeping would add more to the character of the game compared to the full use of the word.

I've seen it go both ways for many games.

Really depends on what kind of audience the devs are going after. Conker's Bad Fur Day clearly went after the South Park crowd (as South Park was in to its fifth season by the time the game came out) so it stuck closer to how South Park was presented to the mass audience by only censoring stuff like f*ck. But if we're talking about a game that's more of a serious drama like Mafia 2, which was inspired by stuff like The Godfather and Goodfellas, it makes sense they'd present the game in a way similar to how the people who enjoy those movies see them, with cussing left unbleeped.

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Kudos to him for sticking with his artistic expression, though I personally often think excessive cussing is a detraction to a game. When there's a lot of cussing, it often gets the "12-year-old edgelord" vibe

Meh... I'll pass on this.

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