Rocket League getting an update tomorrow across all platforms

How have you guys been enjoying Rocket League on Switch? There are so many games out right now, I'm sure it's hard to get in time with all the ones you want to play. Has Rocket League been your mainstay, or are you pushing it aside until you get some time with some of the other releases?

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crusher talos
Wed Dec 13 17 02:56am
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Never played Rocket League till I bought it for the Switch. I have been really enjoying it. Its been perfect during a busy schedule, where I can squeeze in a couple of matches in about 15 min. Good fun.

Compared to games like FIFA, 2K, and NBA Playgrounds, I am happy to see that we are getting same day updates on the Switch.

Really wish I could trade in playgrounds for this.

I bought it, but have yet to play it. Trying to finish some other games first. So many things to play on the switch!

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