Hyperkin releasing “Pupper” Switch Joy-Con Attachment

The Hyperkin “Pupper” Controller Attachment for Switch Joy-Con has an ergonomic design, which provides a curved grip for a more comfortable hold; secure and easy to slide in rails for your Joy-Cons; and an internal battery that charges your Joy-Cons while you are playing. You can also view the status indicators on the centerpiece to determine your Joy-Con's charging level and player number. Once done playing with your new pup, plug in your USB Type-C charge cable to recharge its battery. Use the stored power to charge your Joy-Cons anywhere! Make your controller look like man's best friend and give him a smile just like Barko (3 puppy smile stickers included). Like a loyal companion, your trusty Pupper will keep your Joy-Cons charged and you focused on the game.

Rechargeable internal battery that charges Joy-Con controllers while you play
Curved grip for comfortable hold, secure and easy to slide in rails for Joy-Cons
Battery status and player number indicator light
3 decorative puppy smile stickers included
USB Type-C compatible

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Wed Dec 13 17 02:53pm
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Those jerks stole this from an old Kickstarter — or maybe not a Kickstarter, but I’ve seen an indy product that is just this

Wed Dec 13 17 03:19pm
Rating: 2

And that fundraiser 'stole' the idea from the Internet in general, where it was a bit of a meme

Yeah I remember being able to buy one of these dog tongue stickers a while back. I'm sure some people will think it's cute and buy it for their kids or something.

those lights in the middle ruins the image for me. it looks like the lights are the eyes.

I'm pretty sure the "lights are the eyes" was intentional.

GAH! Why are there multiple joy-con grips that angle the joy-con this (wrong) way?

You go for a V shape, like every other comfortable controller, not A shaped.

I know right? As if the standard grip wasn't uncomfortable enough, we need a proper V grip.

Thu Dec 14 17 09:36am
Rating: 1

Huh? Aren't traditional controllers more A-shaped than V-shaped? I mean, I even tried holding my hands in a V-shape, and that seems even more uncomfortable, as if I am holding a steering wheel by the bottom.

I feel like I am misunderstanding what you mean when you're talking about a V grip

With the (unavoidable) awkwardness of the right joycon analog stick position, an A grip just exacerbates this, also for me, the default grip makes the L&R bumpers really uncomfortable to use, and again, an exaggerated A frame makes this worse.

I see, that makes sense. Though, does a V grip solve these problems? The buttons would be more... sensible places, but the shape would then really be uncomfortable, the way I imagine it

Hard to say until someone actually does it, it'd come down to execution but I think it could work.

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