IHS estimates Nintendo will sell 11.7 million Switch units in 2017

The following data comes from IHS, a global information company with world-class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today's business landscape.

- Nintendo has sold 3.8 million consoles during Q4 so far
- estimates say Nintendo will end the year with 11.7 million consoles sold globally
- IHS had previously estimated the machine would sell 4.4 million machines this year, a figure which they've raised twice
- the 3.8 million number is from the end of September
- Nintendo has gotten a major surplus of the Switch out into retail for the holiday season

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So it's going to sell 1.7 million units globally this holliday?

Wed Dec 13 17 04:15pm
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I'm sure it will do at least that much. Seems like a bit of a conservative estimate to me if they have already hit 10 million before the holiday shopping rush.

Exactly! It should sell more than that worldwide. Unless this was region specific in some way.

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