The Sexy Brutale to receive a patch that improves performance and resolution

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This seems to be a common trend with Switch releases. Run like crap at launch until it gets a patch days or weeks later.

Wed Dec 13 17 07:51pm
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It's a common trend on all consoles and pc. Now, the switch has these issues more evident for being the weakest system.

Wed Dec 13 17 08:42pm
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Could be a symptom of "gold rush" ports. In other words, the developers are rushing their ports.

And every company does it, even Nintendo (see xenoblade chronicles 2)

I wish they had optimized the game before releasing it but at least they're doing something about it. Hopefully they will do a good job this time...

Another game I'll wait with (even though I really want it). Just got SMO and it's pretty fun, and with all the other games I got I can wait with tbhis....EVen though I really want this one.

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