Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - version 1.1 available, fixes several issues

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If only they could patch in the national dex... *sigh*

It blows my mind how a series staple is cut out for no reason, making the entire legendary hunt and island scan Pokemon completely worthless.

Yeah only competitive players and people who never got certain legendaries would want to hunt them. Its very odd that they didn't include it in Gen 7. They usually just copy/paste dex entries from previous games for all the national dex pokemon that aren't in the regional dex, so its not like it would be a problem to implement.

You can't even use the excuse that they wanted to make getting the shiny charm easier since they could have just made the shiny charm the reward for the regional dex and make some certificate or something for the national dex. =[ .

I can see why they connected the National Pokedex to Bank [other than simply adding another incentive to buy in] - having to bring over 100s of pokemon, breed or and evolve them all to attain their entry in that regions dex every gen has always been a tad tedious.

It still feels odd, but I think a bunch of us will feel the benefit come Gen 8.

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