Digital Foundry - Yooka-Laylee Switch analysis

The bottom line is that if you were on the fence with this game, or worried that it may not run well on Switch, you can rest easy - Playtonic's port is well worth your time. It's also a perfect way to finish off an incredible year on Switch for platform game fans.

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I'm very impressed with this game overall... maybe the key was going in with low expectations after hearing people say it was garbage for months? It isn't garbage though. It's a good collectathon that feels right out of the 90's. Though not without its flaws, Playtonic still delivered on what was promised.

There were also several issues (like with controls and camera behavior) that they fixed with updates prior to the Switch release. So, it's certainly a better game now than it was when first launched.

I think Xenoblade is the perfect way to cap the year and its what I'll continue to be doing instead of playing this lackluster collectathon.

What collect-a-thon hasn't been lackluster?

How can you ask this in the year of our Lord, Mario Odyssey?

It's a sad world we live in when Mario Odyssey is considered a collect-a-thon game simply due to the sheer amount of one collectable item.

This a new thing similar to any hard game becoming the "Dark Souls of X genre?"

There are 2 types of collectible items, arguably three once coins become integral to 100%ing the game.
And its not a sad world, its a great world where Mario can lift an entire genre on its shoulders.

Why are you so bitter about it? Just play your game and be nice.

It looks cool. Now there are a ton of stuff to play on the Switch right now and it is 40€. So it might have to wait.

Great. Just need it on a cartridge and I'm all in!

I tend to want physical releases, but with the switch, the digital option makes it easier to switch between games. I hate changing the cartridge. They are so small, I'm afraid of losing them.

Thu Dec 14 17 06:27pm
Rating: 2

Oh I can understand that. But I'm at the age where having games actually in physical form is super nice and nostalgic. I love how something so amazing can be stored on something so small.

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