Eiji Aonuma confirms that work on the next Zelda entry has already begun


In the Master Works book for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Eiji Aonuma confirms that the next entry is being worked on. This isn't a huge surprise obviously, as BOTW's development started after Skyward Sword's ended, but the direction of this new game will be interesting to follow.

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Yes! Please something like Majora's Mask - a new game with the engine and assets of Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo should do a sequel of the games more often. Like Majora's Mask and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

A new Zelda with the engine of Breath of the Wild in 2019 and Super Mario Odyssey 2 in 2020. That would be great.

A new game is bound to happen. Question is whether its going to be open ended or back to linearity since Ocarina of time.

I think they've already said that the BOTW style open world is the future for Zelda now.

I could see them giving a dev like Grezzo reigns to make a top down or even 3D game that stays more to traditional Zelda though.

They also said that the motion controls from SS were here to stay... But the open world thing from BOTW didn't get that huge backlash as motion controllers did ;)

The open world stays. Good. It's amazing. But one thing that made it so open was that the story parts were NOT linear, so that also has to stay. Perhaps more of it this time around.

Mon Dec 18 17 12:15pm
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They should make a full game out of the 8 bit BotW prototype

Mon Dec 18 17 11:30am
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For me, all they need to do is make a more compact "open world" with the traditional dungeons/item progression.

And lots of music too.

Summer 2019 reveal with either a Fall 2019 or March 2020 release. They're going to Majora's Mask the hell out of this game/engine. And I love it.

Mon Dec 18 17 09:03am
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I hope it's a new Four Swords game.

Mon Dec 18 17 09:48am
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I really hope it's not just BotW2, meaning that they just use the same exact engine and concept and that's that.

I'd like to see them take the GOOD things they did in BotW, expand on them, and shape it around an at least somewhat more traditional Zelda experience. IE more varied actual dungeons, bosses, etc.

And I really would love to see some form of the awesome "E3 Tech Demo" TP-esque look, personally.

He told us to look forward to a future Zelda game at the Game Awards. So, this confirms what he already said.

Mon Dec 18 17 12:21pm
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So they're aiming for another Zelda title before the Switch ends. That's awesome news ^^

I hope they keep the formula from BotW, that being said what I really missed from the older games were the dungeons obviously. Proper dungeons this time. And also environment variety in all closed spaces. All we got in terms of closed spaces were shrine type, dungeon type and Hyrule Castle (which looked awesome btw).

Also what I regret they did not do was a good number of caves and underground galleries, some of them interconnected, that are part of the overworld not a dungeon. They have not really done that in any 3d Zelda game with the exception of Twilight Princess maybe as it tried something like that in its overworld design. The caves in Link to the Past were awesome, some of them were actually shortcuts, some of them more like labyrinths and others more like trials. Well, pretty much like BotW trials come to think of it. It would add variety to the environments and the exploration in general. Also in a lot of games they serve as optional content with really dangerous bosses hidden inside.

I'd all over a Zelda title that could be smaller in size but have multiple layers thanks to underground spaces.

That being said I wouldn't mind if they flat out kept the same map but actually ADD underground and closed spaces. Maybe the same map but in another time period. Everyone is dying to see how the kingdom was before the apocalypse, and with the number of wiped-out villages and places, and fortresses that we see but cannot enter, I would imagine the map would be barely recognizable anyway. It would be a great way to save development time and still keep something of the same scope, even bigger and with more density this time around.

Okay that turned out to be a wall of text. You're welcome Nintendo.
Anyone's got Aonuma's email adress ? ^^

What I think they should do is make the next game like A Link Between Worlds. After a game like Breath of the Wild, going back to a 2D top down dungeon style game would be neat and different.

Here's what I want. BOTW engine (even same graphics if it gets it out quicker) on a huge island that Link gets shipwrecked on and there's themed dungeons scattered throughout.

Basically I want Eventide Island meets the entirety of Link's Awakening

A tighter and a more traditional spin on the Open-Air concept so far would be ace. The engine base already being done could mean a possible Fall '19 or Spring '20 release.

I expect we'll get a remaster [Skyward Sword] or a 2D Zelda next year.

Re-use the map and assets, use the saved time to revamp the combat to be more involving, quadruple the number of enemy types for some actual variety, and have more places like Hyrule Castle and fewer Shrines.

Divine Beasts can stay, but only if they are incorporated into larger overworld/dungeon puzzles.

Design bosses that are not lame. Someone who worked on Breath of the Wild obviously played Memories of Celceta, so just have them look to the good Ys games for inspiration on this.


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