Dragon Quest Builders coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 9

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Has it ever happened before that we get a Dragon Quest game BEFORE Japan?

No. The safety of Japan’s people could not be garunteed in such a scenario...

Then what will happen to Japan now? I mean, this doesn't release over there until March 1st.

Mon Dec 18 17 01:11pm
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I mean like, Japan did get an exclusive PS3 version of the game so maybe everything will be fine?

That or this just isn't a good enough Dragon Quest game to protect the already declining birthrate of Japan's people.

Ah, I see what you mean. Well, given that the game actually came out almost two years ago, I don't expect too much fuss. Besides, they're still playing Dragon Quest Heroes 1+2 (not to mention DQ11) which we're STILL waiting on...

I imported Heroes 1 & 2 at launch, and believe me when I say you shouldn't envy them. It's a really shoddy port with often terrible framerate. I think they should lower the resolution or at least give us a performance mode similar to Fire Emblem Warriors, because this really shouldn't be acceptable. It's playable and fun, but it should have been so much more!

I played the demo, and I hear ya. My hope was that they were taking all this time to get it here to do some serious performance improvement...

Good game. If you have ever wanted to get into Minecraft but were put off by the (general) lack of structure or goals/purpose this is the game for you.

Mon Dec 18 17 12:16pm
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Wonder what the the draw distance is now...

Let's start filling out February release schedule, but ignore that January... It's for people to spend a month making false promises they won't keep to themselves by March. :P

Seriously though, Jan is pretty barren in comparison.

January is for finishing up the backlog on the Switch. ;)

We can only hope with a backlog this quick to develop...

Monster Hunter world, dissidia NT, dragon ball fighterz, and a couple others come out in January. Only the switch is gonna be dry. January has plenty going on though!

I was only referring to the Switch.

Yeah January for Switch is a dry month. Granted we will get the Nintendo Direct to hype everyone up but yeah..nothing compared to February which has this, Bayonetta 1+2, Pac-Man: Championship Edition, and Payday 2. Who knows what else could possibly be announced. I will be getting both Bayo's as I never played them and Pac-Man for sure. Jury is out on this and Payday 2 gotta see more gameplay videos and reviews first.

If I'm being honest I'm glad nothing is coming out in January because I'm not made of money and after Christmas not to mention the ONSLAUGHT of games I bought for Switch in November I need a break to buy other things and to finish all the games I've already bought (not to mention I got 2 family birthdays in January...)

January seems to only have Blade Strangers for some. But yeah, it's pretty slim overall.

I mean, We have had a Nintendo game released every month (on average) since the system released. That is immense, and a huge undertaking that I honestly did not expect to reach this far.

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