Capcom working on something to "make Ace Attorney fans happy"

Japanese website 4Gamer talked to a bunch of big-name game devs about their plans for 2018. Tucked within the feature is a comment from Capcom's Motohiro Eshiro, best known for his work on the Ace Attorney series. The comment he shared should put a smile on the faces of Ace Attorney fans.

“I believe we’ll continue working on something that will make Ace Attorney series fans happy. We’re also currently coming up with a new title, so personally speaking I think it’ll be a challenging year.”


It’s a really nice desktop wallpaper

Probably the two collections that have been rumoured about.
Personally, I would love to see a collection of the two Great Ace Attorney games, and localized of course, and the Investigations games as well, but that's probably hoping for a bit too much...

You wanna make me happy Capcom? Localize Investigations 2 and both Great Ace Attorney games. Anything less and you can fuck off.

it's just gonna be a compilation for the 3ds or something


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