Nintendo says more Switch support from EA and Activision on the way

This blurb comes from Nintendo's press release concerning Switch record sales, which we posted earlier today...

Fans can also expect continued support from major publishers such as EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, SEGA, Take 2 and Bethesda, plus a growing catalog of quality content from indie developers.

As far are EA goes, this could mean one of two things. Nintendo could be talking about Fe, which is being published by EA. They could also be talking about more support than what's announced, which would be new info.

When it comes to Activision, that's definitely a new bit of info. We haven't seen anything on Switch from Activision outside of Skylanders. Wonder what the company is bringing Switch's way!

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I could understand Activision skipping the Switch for 2017's CoD (too late for a quick and dirty port, turned off Nintendo after Wii U), but I'd be surprised if the next CoD DOESN'T have a Switch port, even a mediocre one.

I wouldn't buy it anyways, but I was never the intended audience. CoD has had its following, even on Nintendo platforms.

Madden 13: Switch Edition

I'll get the next COD if that's what Activision is bringing to Switch. Hell maybe even an N'Sane Trilogy port (isn't it only timed exclusive to PS4?).

As for EA I'll be showing them my unprecedented support of not buying anything from them.

I would buy the Dead Space games if they ported them to Switch. Maybe the original Mass Effect games. But that would be all the money EA would get out of me...

Unfortunately, Visceral Games (Dead Space devs) were shut down by EA last year. If there were a port, it'd be outsourced (for better or for worse).

BioWare is a shambling zombie of its former glory. while an ME trilogy isn't out of the question (no one wants Andromeda at this point), I wouldn't hold my breath. Also, expect EA to shut down BioWare in the next couple of years, depending on how Anthem does this year.

Yeah I feel like Anthem will be Biowares last game. Joining the rest in the crowded EA graveyard.

The worst thing about EA is that their (monetary) success is largely fuelled by a gaming market that doesn’t have much interest in any other game other than their respective sports game so no amount of “boycotts” or backlash or being voted the worst company is going to do any long term damage.

No one wants Andromeda at this point you say....looks like that is exactly what we will get knowing EA.

I would definitely buy the Crash trilogy on Switch. I loved the original PS1 games back in the day, and don't yet have a PS4 (and yes, I believe they advertised it as "first on PS4"?).

as far as I know, Sony has the rights for the first 3 Crash bandicoot games. But who knows?

EA can die in a fire. Activision I am surprised that has nothing for switch.

Still waiting on hearing about that From Software support Smile

EA can piss off forever. Activision I'm ambivalent on.

Fri Jan 05 18 11:45am
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While any support for a console I own is always great to hear, I just feel like EA and maybe even Activision will miss the mark.

Bethesda saw a good thing coming.Take-Two and scores of indies did too. Companies like Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Konami, Sega, and Capcom all at least to some degree had a plan and some software on the market just in case the Switch happened to blow up just like it did.

I don’t know. I just don’t have much confidence that EA or Activision thought beyond “The Switch will turn out like Wii U” and now we’re seeing the results of that. To me, it looks like a couple of companies caught with their pants down.

While I personally don't appreciate these companies, there are many people that do; more power to them.


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