New Orleans Saints not allowed to play N64/Smash Bros. in the locker room leading up to their playoffs game

The New Orleans Saints have a playoffs game against the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. The coaches want to make sure the team takes their playoff game very seriously, so they're removing all sorts of locker room distractions. All season long, the team has been enjoying Smash Bros. on the N64 as a way to unwind. As of right now, the Saints aren't allowed to play, and instead have to focus on the game ahead. I wonder if breaking a season-long tradition will cause the Saints to lose a step on the field!

Thanks to Omini_ for the heads up!

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I’m hoping so! Go Panthers!

I kinda hope so, not that it actually teach the coaches that you don't eff with a working thing.

And the winner of random news of the day goes to...

Whodat!! Love it, pound the panthers baby!

Ah, changing what has worked all season.

GREAT idea.... if they lose this Sunday, they should fire the entire coaching staff. When something is working, you don't change.

Right....fire the whole coaching staff....If they lose it won't be because of Smash Bros and ping pong -_-

It was a joke, but it is still silly.

Thankfully their D coordinator paid the defensive players a bonus to injure Cam Newton, very similar to the Brett Favre incident a few years back. But hey, it was effective and they moved on.

Fri Jan 05 18 02:59am
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They will lose…

… So they can get right back to playing smash

Fri Jan 05 18 04:39am
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Necessary decision. They had to do it to keep Gumbo and Sir Saint from doing this to each other:

As a Vikings fan, I hope this screws them up. They are the only team that worries me in the NFC this year and Kamara looks like Barry Sanders


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