Nintendo files trademark for 1080° Ten Eighty

There haven't been too many installments in the 1080° Snowboarding franchise, but it seems like Nintendo is up to something with the brand once again. On Dec. 18th, 2017, Nintendo filed a trademark for 1080° Ten Eighty. Could this be for a Virtual Console release, a new entry, or something else altogether? We aren't quite sure, but perhaps we'll find out soon!

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Seems like a good candidate for the inevitable N64 Classic.

Really liked 1080, but loved Avalanche. Not even sure why I got 1080 in the first place as I don't really like sports games, but I'm glad I did.

The Gamecube game is even better? Sweet! Never had a chance to play it, looking forward to it when it comes virtual console on switch ;)

Remember the SSX series Nintendo? YEah, EA is refusing to make a fun game like that, so go for it,take their spot.

Tue Jan 09 18 05:48am
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I don't really like sports games, but I loved 1080 on N64.

These are still my 2 favorite Snowboarding games ever, i like them a lot more then any Cool Boarders and SSX.

The Shaun White games are fun too, but 1080 is much more stylish and charming.

Tue Jan 09 18 07:51am
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I like I like that, I like I like that!

1080 Dance sountrack for the unaware xD

Because I miss the good old days: This pleases my nipples.

If they're gonna make a sequel, I'd really rather have a new Wave Race, personally, though 1080 was solid.

There is way too much wisdom in this post.

I'll take a HD remaster of the N64 1080 with online play.

I don't usually like sports games, but I like 1080. I would be very ok with a new Switch game. But eh, doesn't exactly mean anything. They are still trademarking Eternal Darkness... >_>


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