Pornhub reveals viewership in 2017 for Wii, 3DS, Wii U owners, pledges support for Switch if a browser is released

Pornhub’s development team works tirelessly to make sure that users can enjoy their experience on a wide variety of devices, and that includes visiting Pornhub on game consoles. What could be better than taking a break from playing games to play with yourself? And you don’t even have to leave your seat. Xbox’s share of console traffic dropped by 6% since 2016, while Playstation gained once again to now represent 56% of gamers watching porn. Nintendo’s portable 3DS had a large increase in market share but still only makes up 1% of game device traffic.

Nintendo’s original Wii had a large decrease, while the updated WiiU now accounts for 5% of console visits. Nintendo’s newest Switch doesn’t yet have a browser, although it’s rumored that one will be implemented sometime in 2018 — at which time you can be sure Pornhub’s development team will work to ensure full support.

To coincide with International Women’s Day in March, Pornhub Insights provided a detailed study on Women and Technology detailing how our female visitors differ from men when it comes to the devices, browsers and operating systems they use.

Pornhub can't wait to get in on the Switch action. Now let's see if that rumored web browser does make its way to the platform!

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Tue Jan 09 18 04:45pm
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I don't know whether to be disgusted, or laugh?

All of the above is a suitable answer.

Will there be HD rumble support?

That could be implemented in... more ways than one.

I'd hate for Nintendo to have to amend the documents to include "Sticking Joy-con inside any bodily orifice will void the warranty."

The Wiimote was better in that regard.

'Don't marry or consume alcohol with your Wii system.'

Well, that's just great. Really great.

What resolution is the 3DS screen, anyway?

426 x 240 pixels, so a 240p resolution at a 16:9 ratio. That's about 0.1 megapixel

I think this will be shown at the Direct along with rainway.

They never showed that in the Switch reveal trailer.

There's no way anyone would agree to take Karen's second joycon at that party if they knew what had transpired earlier.

I can't explain why, but for some reason it makes sense that Playstation users are winning this contest.

More modern consoles in homes?

Especially if it' worldwide. You know Japan has to be spanking it pretty hard these days with the current social climate over there.

Can you watch Pornhub on the old 3DS? Or it's a New 3DS "feature"?

I bet that almost everyone watched Porn. Not surprise about this one. N Switch is perfect for that. Sad! Not good for children.

Learning analytics about porn websites' traffic is truly a fun and interesting thing! I've learnt it myself last year, thanks to a quite-eloquent deer...

Is the porn in 3D on the 3DS? Asking for a friend...

Rule 34, good sir. Rule 34.

There is actually some 3D porn, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Pornhub supported the 3DS for viewing 3D porn

You can watch 3D internet video on a New 3DS.


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