Splatoon 2 - Shellendorf Institute being added tomorrow

Here's one we've all been waiting for! The Shellendorf Institute is making its debut in Splatoon 2 tomorrow night. Can't wait to check this one out. Let's hope the museum staff is okay with everyone making a mess of it!

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The joke was bad enough. Don't try and ruin it even more.

neat, I totally forgot about it. too much time thinking about clam bliz lol. New stage five very different modes, so cool

That dinosaur watched Pornhub on the N-E-Rex.

I sincerely apologise. It won't happen again.

If you mean that skeleton, that looks more like a Mosasourus, which was a whale, not a dinosaur.


The joke was bad enough. Don't try and ruin it even more.

Bad jokes deserves to be punished. You were doomed from the start.


Thu Jan 11 18 11:32pm
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You are correct in saying that mosasaurs weren't dinosaurs, however unlike whales -- which are mammals -- they were still reptiles, albeit of a different sort. Mosasaurs were akin to massive, marine lizards (think komodo dragons with flippers). The more you know and all that.

Hmm. Did Walking With Dinosaurs lie to me? I am pretty sure they said they were mammals, or at least 'basically' mammals.

I will put all the blame on them, which means I am still fully right in some twisted way, so I still win. Or something. :P

But yeah, anyways, stage looks awesome, and I can't wait to play it today. ^^ Shame you cannot be ON a fossil, tho.

Fri Jan 12 18 01:07pm
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I don't remember seeing any mosasaurs in WwD. They had an episodes featuring liopleurodon, but that's about it. Perhaps you're thinking of the basilosaur, an ancient, reptilian-looking whale which was portrayed in Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. At any rate, mosasaurs were definitely reptiles and not mammals.

And yeah, the stage does looks pretty nice. It'd have been cool if we could duke it out within the skeleton and among the fossils, but eh.

Ah furk. Yeah, I mixed those two up, sorry (and I was thinking about some 'ancient sea' specials they did once, I guess I just remembered it as being a part of 'WwD). My bad. Yes, the Mosasaur was indeed a more reptilian creature.


And yeah, the worst thing about, well, most stages in Splatoon, is that, because of the nature of 'covering everything in goop', the theme of a Stage, like a Museum, Shopping Mart, etc, gets lost completely within mere seconds of the battle starting. Very little about the new stage says 'Museum' to me, I have not even see that skeleton while playing. I know it is there, and I know there are many cool details in the stage, but the nature of the game don't really allows it to be seen in detail outside of Recon Mode.

So it's Shellendorf Institute in English, which sounds very German.
But it's called Abyss-Museum in German...

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