Switch outsells Wii U install base in France, becomes the country's fastest-selling console ever (full details on Nintendo sales in 2017)

The United States, Japan, Italy, and now France. The Switch is making waves all across the globe! Over in France, we've learned that the Switch has already managed to outsell the total Wii U install base! The Wii U moved 832k units in its entire lifetime in France, while the Switch has already sold 911k units!

Even more impressive, this has made the Switch France's fastest-selling console ever! The platform now has the record the Wii previously held, having sold 703k units in 10 months. For more details on Nintendo's sales in France, check out the bullet points below.

- Super Mario Odyssey was the best-selling Switch game with 512,000 units sold
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 508,000 units
- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sold 410,000 units
- Splatoon 2 sold 252,000 units
- 1-2-Switch sold over 200,000 units
- first-party games accounted for 74% of sales on Switch during 2017
- best-selling third-party title is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle with around 150,000 units sold
- FIFA 18 sales sit at 73,000
- Rayman Legends and Just Dance both sold around 50,000
- Nintendo also sold 630,000 Amiibo during the year, a rise of 10% over 2016
- 507,000 3DS units were sold during 2017, and almost three million games sold
- SNES Classic sold 221,000 units, up from the 110,000 it managed for the NES Classic
- Nintendo expects 1m Switch sales by the end of February, and hopes to exceed 2m units by the end of 2018

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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Thu Jan 11 18 08:22am
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- best-selling third-party title is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle with around 150,000 units sold
- Rayman Legends and Just Dance both sold around 50,000

It’s no secret that we French people love our very French Ubisoft licenses.

Well, we still love Ubisoft-bashing too, when needed.

I might not remember it correctly but usually, France isn't that much into Nintendo, it's a PlayStation country.

Impressive job from the Switch!

On the contrary, France is pretty much Nintendo Land & has always been, Nintendo in Europe is very popular in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium & lately in Spain & Greece... even the UK is waking up to Nintendo!

Meanwhile in The Netherlands, my cousin and I are the only ones in the whole country who bought a Switch. T_T

Seriously, though. Since shortly after launch, I've always seen so much stock of the system. I sadly don't think it sells well here... I have to wonder why

Very odd to told the truth, I have been to Holland a few times & I would imagine the Nintendo device & games would resonate with Dutch people... enjoy your Switch, you know better than your fellow compatriots ;)


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