Nintendo Direct Mini - Jan. 11th, 2018 (full presentation and info breakdown)

- The World Ends With You - Final Remix- is coming to Switch this year
- Aegislash coming to Pokken Tournament DX through the Battle Pack DLC. Wave 1 DLC includes Aegislash, and support Pokemon Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. Wave 2 includes Blastoise and support Pokemon Mew and Celebi. Wave 1 comes out Jan. 31st, Wave 2 March 23rd.
- Kirby Star Allies includes Artist and Spider abilities, lets you mix/match to create Friend Abilities, toss a friend with Friend Throw, includes 4 player co-op, due out March 16th
- Dragon Quest Builders demo available today
- Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition coming to Switch this Spring. Includes every map/character/mission/DLC from Wii U/3DS versions. 1080p on TV, two-player multiplayer with shared Joy-Con, includes Link/Zelda costumes from Breath of the Wild.
- Mario Tennis Aces coming to Switch. Includes a story mode with missions and boss battles. Due out this Spring.
- Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA coming to Switch this Summer.

- Free update coming to Super Mario Odyssey. Luigi's Balloon World features Hide It mode where you hide a balloon. Find It mode lets you find balloons hidden by other players around the world. This is played using online data. New outfits and filters coming too. Due out Feb.
- SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy coming to Switch. Features simple combos and items as well. Includes Dream Finish ultra special moves and customization. Due out this Summer.
- Arcade Archives: Neo Geo Art of Fighting 2 due out today on Switch.
- Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle getting Donkey Kong DLC in Spring 2018.
- New PAYDAY 2 character Joy coming as as timed exclusive to Switch version. Game due out Feb. 27th, 2018.
- Fe is due out Feb. 16th, 2018.
- Celeste set to launch on Switch on Jan. 25th. Includes ways to tweak difficulty, and includes extra challenge in the B Sides mode.
- Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Switch, includes playable Funky. Funky can double-jump, hover, perform infinite rolls and underwater corkscrews. Includes two-player co-op, with each player using one Joy-Con. Due out May 4th, 2018.
- Dark Souls Remastered coming to Switch May 25th, 2018


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Thu Jan 11 18 10:25am
Rating: 6

I hate to break it to you, bud... but I heard they set him on fire. 😢

I have been asking for HW: Definitive since the Switch was announced. Glad that I will finally be able to play it! TWEWY getting a new scenario featuring the girl (that was teasing a sequel we never got =/ ) from the mobile version is awesome as well!

Not going to lie tho, I like most of the announcements in this Direct, but its still a bit disappointing it ended up being a direct mini Sad

I have been asking for HW: Definitive since the Switch was announced. Glad that I will finally be able to play it!

I have wanted this since Legends got released, for I stop playing my Wii U version for a complete Switch version with the full HW+HWL+HWL DLC in one package.

Brought the HW DLC but have only finish the Main Adventure Map and Story at around 100 h, didn’t want to do the other hundred h twice.

That TWEwY tease... Almost got a heart-attack at the thought of us finally getting a sequel... not cool Squienix... not cool at all...

Thu Jan 11 18 09:33am
Rating: 1

At least we are getting a new scenario that could tie to the sequel!

Fri Jan 12 18 12:24am
Rating: 1

Will be my first time playing. I really can't wait, I heard way too much good about it.

Fri Jan 12 18 07:02am
Rating: 1

But the announcement starts with "A DS classic restyled for Nintendo Switch", making it pretty clear from the start it's a remaster

Yeah... I didn't read that part or I just forgot about it once I saw art for TWEwY and heard familiar music. Ah, well... I gotten over my initial disappointment of the announcement.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm happy for those that never got a chance to play it being able to play it now. I was just a little upset that this is the second time I felt like Squienix has fooled me with hopes of finally getting a sequel (it has been awhile... but first time was the campaign for what turned out to be a mobile release of the first game...).

WAIT A SECOND, didn't Falcom just state not that long ago they had no interest in bringing their games to Switch? Well I can clearly see Ys VIII right there. How much you wanna bet that original statement was a lie in order to surprise people later?

I am waiting for the crow to be eaten when some defended that Falcom couldn't do it.

It's even localized. Double whammy.

I bet it's gonna come out around the same time as the PC version and the revamped localization patch on PS4. For those that don't know, the PS4 version had a really botched localization and NIS stated they were redoing it from the ground up. The PC version got delayed because of this, so I think it's safe to say the Switch version will launch with the redone localization.

This port isn't made by Falcom though, they're 100% busy on Sen IV. NIS is porting this as they're porting it for PC as well and thus have the rights to the game. I'm glad this is coming to Switch but to act as if Falcom themselves with abruptly change their stance is ignorant. More than likely if this port does well, they're just license out more ports to NIS while they continue developing for PS4/PC due to their small team

If they didn't change their stance, why was it even developed for the Switch to begin with? I feel as if this was approached from both sides to see if there is a market for it. That is a change in any sense of the word.

Because NIS, if the PC version is any indication was willing to do every bit of the work for them and since Falcom loves licensing their games out whenever if they don't have to risk losing money or resources of their own, it was a no brainer. Don't expect Cold Steel IV day and date with Switch is pretty much what this means, even if Ys sells a ton

I am not talking that they got on the boat full force. But this action alone tells a shift in their perspective about the system. Many I saw who defended the opposing Switch support never acknowledged they have contacts that can take that burden a bit more than themselves. This reflects that.

Thu Jan 11 18 01:06pm
(Updated 2 times)

"If they didn't change their stance, why was it even developed for the Switch to begin with?"

After royally screwing up the game's localization (they had to rewrite and re-record basically the entire script), PC port (they delayed it four-and-a-half-months literally a day before it was supposed to release), and even the box it came in, NIS probably volunteered to do it to get out of the doghouse.

Well the game is a multiplat so its not like making extra buck is a hard thing to do.

Yay at Dark Souls. And DKC Tropical Freeze! I actually don't know what to think of the idea to have easy mode in a tough platformer like this though. I actually think there are a lot of kids who would have tried and tried again to finally get good at games to beat this, that will now just surf through the game and move on to the next shallow experience.

Thu Jan 11 18 10:21am
(Updated 1 time)

While I completely agree, because many of us got good at gaming by challenging ourselves, times have sadly changed.

There are just far too many “causal” options for entertainment, that those who find games too hard and frustrating will just move on to something else that offers more instant gratification.

I don’t mind a good balance, though. Get people hooked on games or gaming due to the fun factor and then hopefully they’ll like it enough to try the harder, more traditional experience.

I know this is what will happen with most kids that find the game too difficult, and there will be a minority who will try the difficult version. But I still believe there are kids out there who'd taken on the challenge because they liked the game, had Nintendo released the original version. (I'm 40 yo, so I'm entitled to be grumpy about how kids today enjoy different experiences than I did).

However, I'm most of all happy that a large company like Nintendo can still make games that appeal to me, with their "old fart"-mode, i.e. difficult mode.

Thu Jan 11 18 03:09pm
Rating: 1

I’m 100% with you! I’m a little younger, but grew up on gaming starting with the NES. The challenge was so satisfying, especially since just learning how to play most games could be a mini-puzzle in itself.

But yeah, I’ve stuck with Nintendo (or at least always made my way back,) because just like you, I feel that even while trying to break down barriers of entry, they still don’t forget those of us who have played their games for 30 years.


Thu Jan 11 18 10:25am
Rating: 6

I hate to break it to you, bud... but I heard they set him on fire. 😢

Wow. It’s hard to top the first 10 months of Switch’s life, but damn 2018 is shaping up nicely.

I’m going to be one poor (but happy) gamer this year!

Looking at the release pattern. Seems to me this is only the first 3 months (with some dips into May).

Hopefully/likely this means we can expect another Direct around April before E3 season.
I was a bit concerned they haven't said anything about the Yoshi game since roughly E3, so I'm hoping we get more news about it soon.

Only going by the previous year's pattern. They shown off the console with few tidbit of game and something within late March. Figuring we'll see something comparative.

I was tempted to be bummed that a lot of it is just old stuff being brought to the switch, but I'd guess the really exciting stuff will be shown at E3. Hopefully 2018 isn't the "games you already own" year.

Thu Jan 11 18 10:31am
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That was prety good !

Mario Tennis Aces looks like a return to form. Dark Souls Remastered yes ! That's very nice and let's hope it will eventually lead to having the full trilogy on there. DKCTF is like the best platformer ever so of course I'll double dip on this no problem. Ys VIII and TWEWY, now those are neat surprises ! Also I imagine HW will make a lot of people happy even though I don't think I'll double dip on it since I'll be playing AoT2 to death so my Omega Force itch will be scratched.

EDIT : Also that Mario Odyssey mode has A LOT of potential. And it's free.

And what happened exactly with the Chibi Robo teaser ? o_O

Fri Jan 12 18 07:06am
Rating: 1

Supposedly, the Chibi Robo teaser was a bit of a cryptic hint instead: https://gonintendo.com/stories/299327

Ah okay thanks. That's very plausible.

So Retro having been working on.......a port of DCKR TF?!

Did a developer get announced? (I honestly have no idea.)

I dunno - just making more of a snarky comment since we haven’t heard a peep from Retro since that game :-p

I didn’t really play it on Wii U so I might pick it up for Switch.

Thu Jan 11 18 10:35am
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SO Luigi comes only...still not playable....

Anyways, I don't like the feel of these directs. Its more of news direct and less of Nintendo feel to them. Satoru Iwata made presentations memorable and exciting rather than just telling game news. Hope they don't keep this as a trend. I'll even be fine with Reggie joking here and there.

Also, why do I get the feeling that a major chunk of Switch games are gonna be Wii U ports?

I'm glad I didn't make any crazy unrealistic expectations.
This is a damn good Spring lineup.

That was not very exciting to be honest. Switch is becoming a kind of best of console. Best of wii u, best of indies and then some others random stuff that have been successful for other consoles earlier. We got two new nintendo games and that was Mario Tennis and Kirby. Not very exciting in my opinion. But could of course be good for others. I wanted a release date for Yoshi Sad

My wallet is ready for more stinging this spring and summer! Sweet!

Very disappointing Direct. Nintendo announced only 1 new game. Riddled with ports, bits of DLC and sandwiched at either end in remasters.

I agree that for me personally the direct was lacklustre but the ports don’t bother me - not even the first party ports.

Wii U didn’t sell well - it sold crap let’s be honest. Which means the games that released on Wii U, and it has a good amount of good and great games, didn’t get played by many people (and from the business side may not have been profitable projects as a result).

Sure chances are those that played the games, have a Switch and would prefer to play new games, but many more Switch owners likely didn’t play those games.

To many these ARE new games. This doesn’t seem like a direct for the diehard Nintendo fans - this was a direct for the newcomers and returning lapsed fans that the Switch has attracted.

Not just that, but it helps fill the gaps on the lineup while the "bigger" games come around, preventing another Wii U drought situation.
In the end it's a win-win for both Nintendo and consumers who skipped the Wii U.

I’m not impressed (no surprise there). Too many ports and remasters. I get it though, Wii U didn’t sell well and there’s still an audience for that content. Just not me. Oh well.

If you weren't a Wii U owner (which is many) this direct should be awesome to you. But to people like me this direct was okay. We're getting 3 Wii U ports in the first 6 months of 2018.... yes I know these games didn't sell well and Nintendo wants to recoup their losses but I hope this is the last year of Wii U ports. If we're still getting Wii U ports well into 2019 I'm gonna be pissed.

I will buy these games again as Tropical Freeze is the best 2D platformer in YEARS (though this game better not be a full $60. Especially considering it's $20 on Wii U and they've literally added nothing other than an easy mode) and Hyrule Warriors I never got to experience all of the DLC or 3DS content so that will be new to me. Cool that we're getting Pokken DLC even though it's insanely overpriced IMO. Mario Tennis Aces looks good, as it looks like Camelot is actually putting effort into their titles again and looks to be using the Ultra Smash engine for something.

The free Mario Odyssey DLC is okay...nothing too exciting and I'd much rather have had playable Luigi with his Galaxy/SMB2 physics than him as a cameo that runs a minigame....

Dark Souls Remastered is the worse kept secret known to man but it's cool that we're getting it and I will be picking it up when it's released. Also I knew Donkey Kong would be the playable character in Rabbids. Cool that he is there though.

Overall solid mini direct just wish we had more NEW games but given 2017 I understand that is probably asking too much. That being said if 3DS continues to get new software in 2018 when Switch is getting ports I'm gonna be a little upset...

Yeah hopefully with a good portion of the ports/DLC dropping between now and March (in Japan at least) we might get a direct around April to outline the later half of 2018 and E3 for some big guns.

There isn’t a lack of things to play, especial if you look at what’s already on the system and what’s coming should have something for everyone but I agree it’s a little lacking if you were a Wii U owner (or still are) and have played the ports or even played the third party games like Dark Souls already.

I’m most looking forward to Mario Tennis but cautiously optimistic for obvious reasons Smile

Finally caught the #NintendoDirectMini today - what a Switch Bonanza [those of those Definitive Versions are So Good]!

That Mario Odyssey DLC was... unexpected [shame at no new world]

"Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming to Switch, includes playable Funky. Funky can double-jump, hover, perform infinite rolls and underwater corkscrews"

Finally, a character who is even more broken than Dixie.

I hope they add the ability to pick any Kong you want EVEN in normal mode. I want to be able to play the whole game with whichever character I like and more in a old-school DKC style (with just one character). And this without it being locked behind super ridiculously hardcore mode.

Also it would be nice if I didn't have to unlock the possibility of doing this AGAIN.

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