While Pokemon GO Apple players will need an iOS 11 compatible device to play, that device doesn't have to be using iOS 11

In other words, you can be using iOS 9 or above to play Pokemon GO, but your device must be able to support iOS 11. It seems Niantic might force players to use iOS 11 at some point, but that isn't happening right now.

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

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Thu Jan 11 18 04:39pm
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Ok now THAT is BS.

I understood discontinuing support for iOS older than 11 but if you can run the game on iOS 9 then as long as the phone supports iOS 9 then Niantic shouldn’t disable the game based on the underlying hardware.

It makes sense for the game to require iOS 11 and thus a device that supports that, but this doesn’t make sense.

EDIT: it’s seems the real reason is that they are making the App 64bit only and devices that cannot support iOS11 cannot support 64 bit only apps since iOS11 is 64 bit only and not a mix of 64 and 32 bit like previous iOS versions.

WTF can’t they just say that?! That makes perfect sense. They are making the App 64 bit only (for performance reasons) and thus is needs a 64 bit processor.

Most players, heck, most people in general are not computer literate. If they say that the reason is the 64bit restriction, people will wonder WTH that means. The first reason is more understandable. It tells the consumers that their phone is too old...

Thu Jan 11 18 05:04pm
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Their latest reason seems to confusing people even more if you read the replies to that twitter posting.

Now people are confused and angry why they won’t be able to run a game that supports iOS 9 and 10 on their device just because their device doesn’t support iOS 11.

They could have said what they said AND explained because it needs a 64 bit CPU which means iPhone 5S and later.

They f**ked up their messaging not once but twice now.

I agree. They could've just mentioned the actual phones it's still compatible with (5S and later, like you said) instead of this confusing "needs support for iOS11 but doesn't need iOS11".

Though, what surprises me is that it took until the 5S for the iPhone to be 64-bit compatible. Wow

It didn’t take the 5S for iPhones to be 64 but compatible it took to the 5S for them to drop 32 bit support.

A lot of small/mobile devices using ARM run 32 bit CPUs it’s not uncommon at all. The Tegra2 is a 32 Bit CPU

Oh, okay. That makes a whole lot more sense already. Thanks

Thu Jan 11 18 05:55pm
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EVERY company who lets success make them cocky, will eventually fall hard. Nintendo messed it up a number of times (after the SNES and after the wii), Sony messed it up with the PS3, microsoft messed it up (following the succes of the 360) but those are big enough to snap out of it. What about smaller studios then?

They are making the App 64 bit only (for performance reasons)

because there are performance issues????

Fri Jan 12 18 01:55am
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There might not be performance issues right now (but really, there is on older phones, even my iPhone 6, I can't imagine a 5), but the things they plan to release in the future might be too much. Even the weather effects might be a bit much for some phones.

64 bits are useful for some calculations and big numbers. These can still be made in 32 bits, but the CPU must execute more steps and break it down in parts*, which can really bog down the CPU if there is a lot. They might be adding more stuff to the game, meaning more calculations, maybe making a 32 bit version way too slow to be playable, so they do this instead of releasing something that everyone would just swear at saying the devs are lazy/bad programmers. They can't just let them play the old game, as that would mean fracturing the player base, or letting some players compete in an environment with other players that get more stuff than them.

*I'm really simplifying a lot here, but the details are not really important for the discussion.

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