Senior analyst at SMBC Nikko predicts Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros. Switch announcements around March

After watching today's Nintendo Direct Mini, many fans are thinking Nintendo is holding onto some bigger guns for Switch until we get closer to E3. Eiji Maeda, Senior Analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities Inc., is thinking we might get some sizable announcements before that. According to Maeda, he expects Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. Switch announcements around March 2018.


Thu Jan 11 18 08:44pm
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Apparently every mini-direct has been followed by a regular direct within 20 days.

Thu Jan 11 18 08:48pm
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Time for people to get themselves hyped up and disappointed again. Repeat cycle.

I dunno, I enjoyed the hype and the events surrounding it than the Direct itself. Though the Direct I was also quite content. Immediate when I saw "mini" I figured it won't be special.

Getting hyped is fine but my comment was sort of mocking those with crazy levels of expectations. The post-Direct reaction from some people are hilarious to read. Seems like there were people expecting Nintendo to drop E3-level of megatons this early in the year for some reason. The usual where's "my" ________ at Nintendo?

Thu Jan 11 18 09:52pm
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I must admit, this is a vicious cycle with them. Makes me wonder if they'll ever realize this about themselves and it's not about Nintendo.

I mean, as of now we know up to March-ish for the release schedule. And considering this Nintendo has released something each month (sometimes more) save for three months (2 if you actually count the physical release of Snipperclips). That already is unheard of, let alone done by ANY other company. And yes, ports had to stimulate that as well. But seeing how well Pokken and MK8D has done in comparison to their Wii U counterparts it's been smart so far.

Not to mention there is the pattern when they approach us with another Direct. I predict a late March-April timeframe. Though it's be on the latter end simply cause my selfish self wants to see it released around my birthday.

Thu Jan 11 18 10:47pm
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Yeah, I really don't get why people were expecting a Direct that wasn't officially revealed until the last minute to have huge updates on all things first party.

I actually thought the direct was pretty good and greatly enjoyed all the hype and fun everyone was having yesterday on reddit.

Please not a Smash Bros. port.

Fri Jan 12 18 01:15am
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Featuring Funky Kong.

Why? Smash should definitely be on Switch. They’d be foolish not to! It could merge the 3DS and Wii U versions, and possibly add a few extra things. They’d reach even more people than the Wii U.

The flaw in that theory is that the game was also on the 3DS, in which it sold nearly 10 million copies.

They should do a sequel. If they've been working on one since 2016 then it should be ready by next year. People want a port now? Between the release of Smash Bros. for Wii-U and now, all of Nintendo's major IPs got new mainline titles.

Breath of the Wild
Samus Returns
Pokemon S & M
Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze (even though it wasn't new, Sakurai pretended like it didn't exist)
Starfox Zero
Xenoblade 2

& let's not forget the upcoming Kirby & Yoshi games.

Sure, a port could include some new content, but there is just a lot that has happened since the last Smash Bros. game that a simple update could not cover it all.

Ok, I see your point here. I still kinda think they could easily do what they did with the Wii U/3DS game and add in a bunch of stuff. Personally, I feel like the physics were perfect, and they could save a lot of time that way. It should definitely be a significant update rather than a straight port, as a straight port would be kinda boring. However, even if it is just a straight port with minor additions, I'd happily take that over nothing. I just wanna play Smash on the new system and on the go.

Or E3. This Direct pretty much covered releases between now and then.

Doubt it I honestly don't think we'll get another direct until E3 honestly. We'll still get announcements of course. But I really do think 3rd parties are gonna carry the torch until E3 when Nintendo shows Fire Emblem, Yoshi, and Pokemon. I think those 3 are what Nintendo is gonna use as their holiday marketing push. E3 is when I think we'll see Prime 4, Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing, and Smash but I doubt any of them except maybe Pikmin 4 are 2018 titles.

Going by traditions, I think we'll get one more Direct in the Spring (April) to tide us over to E3. It could be another Nindies spotlight Direct or even a 3DS-focused Direct. (lol)

I do agree that their big guns will be saved for E3.

I didn't think Prime 4 would be this year but that recent quote from Kimishima listed Prime 4 as one of the 2018 titles. Let me see if i can find the post...
Hmm... It was on here sorta recently. Can't find it... But I also realized maybe he meant FY2018 vs calendar year.

Smash ain't happening until their online whatever is ready at the very least. And I have a feeling they're kinda going back to the drawing board on that.

Thu Jan 11 18 09:23pm
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That didn't stop them from releasing MK8, Arms, & Splatoon.

Yeah, but Splatoon was used to push the app they've barely touched since release.

I have a hunch Smash will be used similarly when the real thing hits. But hey, if not, free Smash online for a little while!

Or maybe it'll release well afterward and I'll be dead wrong. :P

What would be different about it? You would just have 1 on 1 and 4 player battles.

what im hoping is in testing nintendo found that the paid online is a mistake and they wont ever make people pay for use of it

We are definitely getting another direct before E3. That is not up for debate

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