Nintendo NY - Samus Aran Metroid Prime 3: Corruption figma available

I think I need to play Corruption again. I honestly don't remember too much of it. I know I enjoyed it, though! Plus, why not refresh my memory while we all prepare for Prime 4?!

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I do wonder, if perhaps the next Prime will break the suit conventions in some way, given the recent trend of customizing Link's and Mario's clothing. I could see it working to some degree like in the Halo games being able to change some parts of the armor and the like.

Fri Jan 12 18 08:17pm
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Revisited the whole trilogy for the first time in a while back in 2015. Fantastic from beginning to end. I love how the stories and atmosphere get progressively darker (actual dark worlds notwithstanding).

"I honestly don't remember too much of it."

Make me jealous, why don't you.

That's a nice-looking figure. The Prime games always had my favorite Samus design.

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