Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Switch icons

Alright, gang...have at it. Which icon is better? Do you like both of them? Did Platinum miss the mark with these icons?!


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Fri Jan 12 18 09:30pm
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Her booty is covered in each one :/

Kimishima is dropping the ball already in 2018.

Fri Jan 12 18 09:30pm
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Her booty is covered in each one :/

Kimishima is dropping the ball already in 2018.

Sat Jan 13 18 06:30am
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An unforgivable offense.

So I guess Bayonetta 2’s icon wins because at least you can see some of her lovely tuchus.

Sat Jan 13 18 12:14pm
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Shamefur dispray D:<

As in most respects when it comes to this franchise, 2's is better.

Yeah, better pose, you see the face, and the haircut is better. Both have her butt centered on frame, so everything is right regardless.

Fri Jan 12 18 10:41pm
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I like the Wii U icon a lot more https://www.spriters-resource.com/download/75974/

But that’s just and icon so it makes sense

Get this garbage no title icon out of here.

Why are there so many GN articles about switch icons? Is switch such an exciting system that instead of playing all the old ports available on it, people just sit around staring at the icons on the menu?

It's just so iconic.....


Sat Jan 13 18 04:09am
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There was some notable backlash over Steamworld Dig 2's first icon a few months back because it was just a huge "D2". A similar incident happened with Snakepass, which was just a huge picture of the snake's face. The Switch menu icons display very large, so the biggest complaints were that they looked like blown-up icons for mobile apps when they could've made better use of the space. Generally speaking, people like having the game's full title visible, at least.

The owner of this site and other parts of the internet did find it amusing that the menu icons were receiving so much scrutiny, so it's become kind of a running thing (both serious and as a joke) to treat the icons like news. It's also become a free opportunity for developer twitter accounts to generate hype by posting what their icons look like.

I HATE the new Snake Pass icon. The first was so much better!
I want the title on the icon and some nice-looking artwork. Now it's just a picture of Noodle's face. It looks so boring. Sad

Okay, if it's some sort of weird joke, then I guess that makes sense.*

As for you mentioning blown up mobile games, well some switch ports are just that so that also makes sense. :D

*Insofar as internet memes do.

2 has the best icon, but then again 2 is the best game so it deserves it.

Other than that these two visuals have been used so much to promote these games that it was always going to be those, and that's a good thing too since they're absolutely fine.

We really need a similar game but with a gorgeous, feminine male character (done right). And with... human proportions. :p

Anyways, good icons.

Yeah, I want a Waluigi game too

Waifuluigi. It is what we need, not what we deserve.

Seriously though, Waluigi needs his own flashy action-beat-them-up game. ^^

Sat Jan 13 18 02:15pm
Rating: 1

"And with... human proportions. :p"

What kind of geek are you? Smile

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