Fire Emblem Heroes - Micaiah's voice actor has some major Pokemon history

In the latest trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, we got to see who the voice actor for Micaiah was. Do you recognize the name? Even if it doesn't ring a bell, you've certainly heard her work before. Veronica Taylor is none other than the original voice actor for Ash in the Pokemon anime series!

Thanks to RikuKH for the heads up!

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No wonder why she brought up her Pidgey for her Heroes appearance!

Whoa, sweet! Nice to see her helping out an Nintendo game again

Why did they replace her role as Ash is something I don't get. I honestly hate the new voice for Ash as he sounds even worse than before sounding low pitched and for someone like Ash, its not that suiting.

Executives at The Pokemon Company switched the studios that did the dubbing to lower costs, and I think the original actor's contracts prohibited them from working at the new place. Basically everyone got replaced.

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