Emio 5-in-1 Nintendo Switch Wireless Gamepad Controller with Customizable Button Layout

The Nintendo Switch Gaming Pad allows for a customized game experience with interchangeable button pads and faceplates. Easily switch your configuration between Nintendo's most popular console/controllers. The 5 button pads include layouts for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and the Switch. The multiple configurations for this gamepad will help you connect to new and retro consoles and eliminate button confusion while gaming in style. The faceplates are interchangeable as well while it acts as a cover to keep the button pad in place. The gamepad itself is rubber coated with an appropriate textured grip to make sure your hands never slip off. The built-in battery is rechargeable and comes with a USB-C cable to charge or connect to the Switch console. The gamepad is also wireless so you can game from any part of the room.

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Very cool, especially in the event of virtual console.

Cool concept, would like to see some reviews and better pics of what the physical controller looks like instead of stock photos.

I'll definitely be looking forward to some reviews on this one. It's a great idea and hopefully it's a good controller, because I want it.

Really curious what they're mapping for the 6 button N64 setup.

I assume you’re referring to the C buttons? In that case they’ll probably map the right analog stick.

Isn’t that what Nintendo has done for N64 games in the past? GameCube has “C stick” but it was just another analog stick and mapped to the C Buttons for Ocarina if Time on GameCube

How can they do that without a virtual console though ?
It seems to me something like that would have to be released officially endorsed and after the VC release so that they make sure everything is mapped the way it should.

So far it's neat and all but probably more of an emulator controller than a Switch one.

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