Super Mario Odyssey sure spends a lot of time telling you "You Got A Moon!"

If you went all-out on Super Mario Odyssey and got the maximum amount of Moons in the game, you have spent over an hour seeing the, "You Got A Moon!" message. That's a lot of in-game time spent looking at a notification! Thankfully these moments are very quick when you're actually playing, but with the amount of moons in Super Mario Odyssey, those short moments add up!

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The Toadette ones could have been done better and just awarded you all the moons you qualify for in a single go and not making you talk to her dozens and dozens of times!

Also am I the only one that doesn’t like that it says “you got a Moon” when it is so clearly a STAR in the mushroom kingdom.

They explain that they are still moons but look like stars.

Sat Jan 13 18 04:39pm
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I agree about Toadette. That was so tedious.

I hated that as well. I spent so much time in front of Toadette, just mashing that A button. That was not fun. Luckily, the whole rest of the game made up for it

Jeez. Now I'm curious about the total time for Koroks giving you seeds.

INB4 the the nest game treats collectables the same way they treat coins.

I got all the Moons, and I never realized I spent this long just looking at a notification. That's actually pretty terrible... But still worth it! It was a fun game!

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