The Binding of Isaac might see more DLC

The following blurb comes from a Q&A over at developer Edmund McMillen's website...

Q: Is this really the end of Isaac? no more dlc?

A: i did say many times this was going to be the last isaac DLC.. and at the time i strongly believed it. but there seems to be something pretty cool on the horizon, its creeping up slowly.. its familiar but a bit different and its being held up by a group of people… when i squint i think i can make out a… oh sorry i gotta go, there is someone watching me in my space ship.

Certainly seems like there's going to be something more in the pipeline for The Binding of Isaac. We'll keep tabs on the situation for any upcoming announcements.


I bet we'll see a Amiibo released, as well as some new DLC. Would be awesome. I am having a blast with the game. ^^

Interesting. I remember a long time ago that Edmund was more than happy to include the anti-birth mod patched officially into the game. Obviously I could be wrong, but maybe it's that?

My opinion? Let it die at this point.

Quite possibly the most overrated game of the last decade.

It's pretty perfect at doing what it is supposed to do. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece of a game, but then I have clocked over 100 hours into it, so... it's doing something that some of us really like.

I kinda wanted to try this but I was put off when I saw it was a shooter. Plus the huge price tag.

The only DLC that would make me consider buying this would be the original GOOD soundtrack by Danny Baranowski.

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