The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild nearing 1 million sold in Japan

The Legend of Zelda franchise may be a huge one for Nintendo, but it doesn't really move the needle over in Japan. The game franchise sells decently, but it's rare that a single entry manages to sell a million units. That's what makes this next bit of information so exciting.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently sitting at 935,835 units sold. That accounts for 802,811 units on the Switch, and 133,024 units for Wii U. There seems to be little doubt of Breath of the Wild hitting a million units sold in Japan in a matter of a few weeks. Also, keep in mind that this total doesn't include digital sales. For all we know, the game could have hit a million with that data included!


Anyone know why Zelda isn’t as big in Japan as elsewhere?

My assumption is they favour JRPG style more than the action/adventure style of gameplay?

Sun Jan 14 18 10:38am
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My theory is that at the time of release of the first game, Japan had their pick of RPGs. I'm thinking Zelda seems uninteresting since it didn't have the features of a typical RPG, like experience points. In the US, there was nothing quite like Zelda, so it wasn't seen as something that's been around like in Japan

The first three games easily sold over a million actually. It's just after Ocarina of Time (which sold over 1m), it never got too close again (closest was Phantom Hourglass at 900K).

My theory is this...

The first game was very cryptic to the point that you basically had to talk to someone who knew about the game the same as you. The fact that you practically needed a guide to even beat the first game wasn't something that was a good fit. Most games don't require you to read guides to make any kind of progress. Hell even Super Mario Bros games don't need it.

But I'm happy with this because Mario should be number one. It HAS to be no 1!

Fri Jan 19 18 06:25pm
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But I'm happy with this because Mario should be number one. It HAS to be no 1!
Excuse you, I think someone here disagrees with that!

Well anyone in the Mario universe can become no 1 so long as they are Italian plumbers! XD

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