Netflix says they're "still exploring the opportunity" to bring their service to Switch

Over the weekend, Netflix's customer service Twitter account said there were no plans to bring Netflix to the Switch. Since sharing that info, Netflix has deleted the tweet. The company has now provided a direct statement on the matter, and it seems much more hopeful than what the tweet said.

“We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don’t have definitive plans to share at this time.”

Let's hope both Nintendo and Netflix hash things out, and the service becomes available sometime this year. Having Netflix on the Switch would be a good thing no matter what way you look at it.

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All they need to do is contract some small dev to create the app or port the existing xbone or ps4 app. Would cost maybe a couple hundred K and take 2 or 3 months. The fact that we're nearly a year into the switch with no Netflix says either they or Nintendo are impeding the process deliberately and/or holding out for more money.

Unlikely Nintendo since they have Hulu.

Hulu is for the Americas only, not? Don't think it works here in Europe. Netflix does.

I feel like it's inevitable. I mean, the Switch is a breakaway hit and it's the only console without Netflix.

Mon Jan 15 18 02:39pm
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Oh it's coming with the inevitable UI update. It's happening behind the scenes but Nintendo want to reveal it themselves.

Mark my words, kiddos.

I honestly don’t care about the Switch having any video streaming apps. If they come great, but if they don’t, are we really missing out?

We all have them on our phones so I doubt many will be anywhere with their Switch but not their phone.

My phone battery will last longer, has better Wifi, has a mobile plan for data, has more storage for downloads so I can’t see using my Switch over my phone. The only thing the Switch beats my phone at is screen size, not resolution, just size.

Mon Jan 15 18 05:40pm
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And the fact you can easily plug it into a TV when on holidays etc...

Phone or Switch?

Because I wouldn’t plan on bringing my dock with me on holidays.

I never understood why someone would want to watch a movie on their phone.

I can’t bring a 40” TV in my pocket.

It’s not really a matter of “want”. I’d only watch a movie on my phone when travelling either by plan or train.

The average phone screen isn’t much smaller than those in-seat TVs on planes and I have the flexibility of knowing I’ve loaded something I will watch and enjoy rather than hoping the inflight entertainment is decent.

The screen size of the Switch is the only advantage it has over a phone for watching a movie on the go.

Well I never intend to watch Netflix on my Switch on the go anyway. This is just for when it's docked on my TV. Heck I rarely bring that thing on the go as it is. The Switch's gimmick never appealed to me but I had to get it because I knew all the new Nintendo games were going to be on it.

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