RUMOR - Nintendo set to reveal something Switch related this Thursday through a special video

Just a few days after Nintendo's Direct Mini, and we're already hearing that something else is being cooked up for this week. Rumor has it that Nintendo will be showing something off on Thursday. It doesn't sound like we're looking at another Nintendo Direct, though. This seems to be something along the lines of a trailer that pops up on Nintendo's YouTube channel out of nowhere. The rumor says this reveal will be for the Switch, and could tie into a new game/accessory for the platform.

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>Emily Rogers

Yeah...I sure look forward to all the nothing that's gonna be announced.

Mon Jan 15 18 02:35pm
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Or Mario movie related? Or theme park? Seems more likely for a one off video.

EDIT: It has been pointed out to me this will definitely be Switch related. So...I agree with the below comment by The Shoemaker

Title says it's Switch related specifically, not sure where that part comes from though.

If anything a one off video is likely to be related to the online service.

Random prediction: a proprietary memory card that you attach to the system like a joy-con to backup your saves.

I would love this so much.

How about Cloud Backup instead?

I enjoyed the hype leading up to the Direct more than the actual Direct, so I hope for more of the same!

Mon Jan 15 18 02:46pm
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same here, let the fun begin

Mon Jan 15 18 02:46pm
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My hunch is on a software update, a 5.0 if you will

Switcg VR confirmed Smile

But what id the add-on is a camera for AR? Now wouldn't that be a nice surprise? ;)

Nintendo usually has a Direct that follows about a week or two after a mini-Direct. So it very well could be a new Direct.

Mon Jan 15 18 02:57pm
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Unless it's a specific Direct, it may likely be an OS update of some kind. I mean there are a lot of bullet points they could start putting out:

- Themes
- Cloud Saves
- An internet browser
- The online system
- Eshop search optimization
- Etc.

Please be an OS update. Switch needs another one bad. What if it's pokemon Switch? Since you know Pokemon Company/Game Freak like to march by their own drum.

I will temper my expectations for this: if you follow the link, Emily Rogers has a detailed breakdown on resetera of what we could expect.

My takeaways from what she said:

Seems like it won’t be a direct...rather just a YouTube video. Looks like it may not appeal to core gamers, but something to bring in new gamers.

A bigger February direct could happen. Expect to be pleasantly surprised by third parties this year.

>Emily Rogers

Yeah...I sure look forward to all the nothing that's gonna be announced.

I can't wait for more fanboys raging because their unrealistic expectations didn't come to pass, and then blame it on Nintendo.

>Hey Nintendo might post a video on Thursday.


Is it something to do with the Online Payment?

Historically, Nintendo Direct Minis are followed by a complete Nintendo Direct in 3 weeks or less and it's been that way every time for the past six years. Kimishima is in charge now, of course, but he's not trying to reinvent the wheel in that role. https://segmentnext.com/2018/01/13/another-nintendo-direct-coming-soon-according-past-timetables/

A 1 year anniversary video?

Tue Jan 16 18 12:16am
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That would be in March.

For some reason I was thinking that they were just gonna be a week late on the 1/12 reveal...but basing it off the launch date is much more logical. Good call!

something focused on nintendos online plans? this wouldn't need a direct

Has to be a brand new Wario game am I right?

No it will be the first Waluigi game! "Waluigi's Wicked Wonderland" It's a 2D platformer but instead of moving right you move left.

A teaser / announcement of an announcement of the Online Service, or next big OS update perhaps?


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