Team Meat on Super Meat Boy's great Switch sales, Super Meat Boy Forever pricing/release, Wii U disappointments, and interest in ActRaiser

Tommy Refenes over at Team Meat is a very busy man. He's been working hard on Super Meat Boy's port to Switch, and it seems like the work paid off. News broke on the game's first day of sales, and they were absolutely stellar. Still, even with Super Meat Boy's success, there's no time to sit back and relax. Super Meat Boy Forever is still in the works, and the whole of Team Meat is doing their best to piece the game together. In the midst of it all, Mr. Refenes sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss all things meat, and even some other tidbits.

Super Meat Boy sales on Switch

“The last day or so has been really weird in a good way. I saw day one sales for Super Meat Boy and I was blown away … I figured it would do OK because it's Meat Boy, but I also thought that with it being a 7.5-year-old game, that people wouldn't care ... but they did big time!"

On what the sales mean for Super Meat Boy Forever

"It makes me excited about releasing Super Meat Boy Forever because it's easy after 7.5 years to think your fans have all moved on, but the sales have reminded me that people don't really move on from their favorite games, they just pick right back up where they left off like visiting a good old friend.”

On being disappointed with Wii U

“I was like, ‘This (the Switch) is exactly what I wanted the Wii U to be.’ When we bought the Wii U I thought, ‘This is stupid, I want to be able to take this with me everywhere.’ I’m not the only one how had that thought, a billion people did and that why the Switch is so successful.”

On an interest in reviving ActRaiser

“OK, I’m going to tell you my crazy dream. I want to get the rights to ActRaiser and I want to make a new ActRaiser.”

Refenes says that he's got a ton of ideas to bring to the table for ActRaiser, but he knows that actually landing the license is a longshot. While he keeps that idea tucked away in the back of his mind, he continues working on Super Meat Boy Forever. As of right now, the plan is to release the game in 2018, and it should be priced somewhere around $15.

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Mon Jan 15 18 07:13pm
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" I’m not the only one how had that thought, a billion people did and that why the Switch is so successful.”"

billion...hardly. also I did not want the switch to be a more powerful vita with a dock for a TV out, I wanted to be able to USE the 2nd screen when playing on the TV, like a type of chromecast device and I am sure I can find a billion people to sell them on that idea, especially since that console could run both wiiu and 3ds titles.

but nintendo wanted to sell the entire wiiu library once again (and that will work like a charm with the core audience... /s)

Ummm...that's hyperbole. There's literally only 7 billion people on the entire planet.

... So you'd be more sold on a console that consolidates older libraries together?

Mon Jan 15 18 07:43pm
Rating: 2

If you had a dozen + excellent pieces of software that most gamers ignored the first time, you'd re-release them on your new hardware. It's called smart business. "If you haven't seen/played/read/done it, it's new to you".

So right Evil-C: it'll help them avoid droughts. If that was *all* they were doing, that'd be one thing. But they are doing it to fill out the schedule. I'm not sure where people are suddenly coming up with "Zelda and Mario are all they did in the first year." Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2, Mario + Rabbids, Arms, and Kirby can all jump in a hole? If a game on the scope of XC2 is so easy to make that it can be overlooked, why don't the complainers make a couple in their spare time to show us how little effort it takes.

Tue Jan 16 18 03:19am
Rating: 1

when you have bought ALL those games (talking about the core audience) and you see ports and ports and ports of 5 year old games, both 1st and 3rd party, then you are reluctant to spend another 340Eu for mario odyssey and the rabbids game. I am sorry if you can not see this, but nintendo treated his wiiu userbase like shit, believing they are not really entitled to anything, they bought an expensive (wiiu) console with lots of promises, got very limited first party support and the company pulled the plug early and told us to pay the same games again on a new console.

and a company who does not care for its core audience will have a rough time ahead. The wii gathered a lot of casuals who moved on to smartphones, yet the core remained. You turn your back on the core, it is plain suicidal.

Mon Jan 15 18 07:26pm
Rating: 2

Square-Enix should probably just let him make Actraiser. It's not like they are going to ever do anything with it. It's a dead franchise. No harm can be done.

Mon Jan 15 18 07:43pm
Rating: 1

I would support any dev willing to make another Actraiser game, especially if it continued to mix the sim / action platformer gameplay. The original is one my favorite SNES games. Would be awesome if he did get the license since like you said I doubt Squenix has any plans.

Such a unique game: I would definitely check out a sequel/reboot. It's a mindblowing mix of concepts that somehow just works.

Same here.
I loved the first game, and ironically the second game, which cut out the sim elements, was a worse game to me, despite me loving the first one mainly for its action sequences.

I like this guy more, now. He's got good taste, in wanting to revive such a great franchise.

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